SOL 12-0 SAM

Solomon Islands have run 12 unanswered goals past Samoa in their final Group B match at the OFC U-17 Championship in Tahiti.

Solomon Islands: 1. Joel NANAGO (GK), 2. John AETA, 3. Aengari GAGAME, 5. Raymond DAUABU, 7. Junior KAONI, 9. Don KEANA, 10. Elis MANA, 11. Ali MEKAWIR, 13. Stanley RYNIKER, 15. Alfred ELVIS, 18. Steward TOATA.

Substitutes: 12. John BROWN (RGK), 4. Junior ASHLEY, 8. Simon JEDZINI, 14. Danny OFENI, 16. John MANA, 17. Michael LALO, 19. Richmond HATARAU, 20. Junior ALLEN.


Samoa: 22. Talita HAFOKA (GK), 2. Kitiona NAUER, 4. Sefa MAMEA-HIND, 7. Willie SAUILUMA, 8. Jackson NAUTU, 9. Darcy KNIGHT, 12. Lotial MANO, 15. Jay POPESE, 17. Julius DUFFY, 18. Jenuem KEPU, 19. Elijah THEODOR.
Substitutes: 1. Pele FATU (RGK), 5. Solomon GRANGER, 6. Stanley MAMEA, 10. Falaniko NANUMEA, 14. Jefferson FAAMATAU,
Suspended: 3. Harlen RUSSELL

Coach: Desmond Faaiuaso (SAM)

FULL TIME | Solomon Islands 12-0 Samoa

90’+4′ Stanley RYNIKER takes a good free kick and it’s out for a corner

90’+3′ Well cleared by Samoa as the ball is launched into the penalty area

90’+2′ Well taken by MAMEA who hits the cross bar with his effort

90’+1′ Free kick for Samoa with Staney MAMEA taking

90′ A minimum of four minutes additional time

89′ KAONI tries to play Stanley RYNIKER through but MAMEA-HIND manages to close down the advance

88′ GOAL!!! SOL 12-0 SAM | Junior KAONI once again finds the narrow gap between HAFOKA and his near post to score

86′ SUB SOL | Aengari GAGAME makes room for Danny OFENI

85′ SAVE! | Talita HAFOKA halts the shot to his left much to KAONI’s despair

84′ PENALTY | The referee points to the spot and KAONI is behind the ball

83′ Junior KAONI beats past Sefa MAMEA-HIND and is brought down from behind

80′ GOAL!!! SOL 11-0 SAM | Junior KAONI’s solo effort earns his hat-trick

79′ GOAL!!! SOL 10-0 SAM | Junior ALLEN gets his toe to the ball after a scramble in the goal mouth

78′ Samoa on attack but the turnover comes and Solomon’s counter quick


74′ SUB SOL | Don KEANA is replaced by Michael LALO

73′ ALLEN is caught offside as he attempts to go 1v1 with the keeper

71′ John AETA makes a run into the Samoa box and goes down but there’s been no foul

70′ SUB SAM | Darcy KNIGHT succumbs to cramp and is replaced by Falaniko NANUMEA

67′ GOAL!!! SOL 9-0 SAM | Junior KAONI fires between the keeper and his near post

66′ GOAL!!! SOL 8-0 SAM | Don KEANA has his shot saved by HAFOKA but he follows up the spilled ball and finishes well

65′ Samoa make a decent advance but the final pass from KNOGHT doesn’t have the power to get the ball to GRANGER

64′ Offside from Solomon Islands

61′ HAFOKA stumbles but still manages to stretch and punch clear a cross

61′ A free kick is awarded to Solomon Islands after a big challenge from MAMEA

60′ Lotial MANO clashes with Raymond DAUABU deep in Samoa’s half and it’s the Samoan’s awarded the free kick

57′ GOAL!!! SOL 7-0 SAM | Junior ALLEN is the one who gets the final touch as Solomon Islands rattle the net once again

56′ Great cut inside the defender before shooting from MANA but GRANGER gets in the way and blocks on the line

54′ Lotial MANO wins the ball for Samoa but doesn’t manage to create anything as he is closed down in midfield

53′ GOAL!!! SOL 6-0 SAM | Don KAENA whips through the backline, takes the ball and smashes it past HAFOKA

52′ A nudge in the back of Ali MEKAWIR from Staney MAMEA earns a free kick for Solomons

51′ Samoa string a good series of passes together but it’s out off KNIGHT

50′ Sefa MAMEA-HIND sends the ball upfield following an offside call but mis-hits and puts it out

49′ John AETA hooks the ball over the defence but Ali MEKAWIR can’t quite get it under control

48′ Junior KAONI works the ball deep in Samoa’s corner and has his cross deflected out for a corner

46′ Samoa send a long ball over the Solomons defence and Joel NANAGO comes to the edge of the area to boot clear

46′ Solomon Islands get the second half underway

HALF-TIME SUB SAM | Jackson NAUTU is replaced by Staney MAMEA

HALF-TIME | Solomon Islands 5-0 Samoa

45’+4′ GOAL!!! SOL 5-0 SAM | Junior KAONI whacks it in from close range

45′ A minimum of four minutes additional time

45′ Elis MANA unleashes off his left but HAFOKA again with the save

43′ ALLEN tries to cut the ball back for KEANA to finish but HAFOKA gets a glove to it first

43′ MAMEA-HIND plays back to HAFOKA who has to clear under pressure from ALLEN

41′ The ball bounces across the face of the goal but ALLEN has tripped himself and can’t finish

40′ A timely challenge from MAMEA-HIND to prevent a shot

40′ GRANGER makes an instant entrance into the match laying a cross in from the left

39′ SUB SAM | Jay POPESE makes room for Solomon GRANGER

38′ Solomons put the ball in the back of the net but the flag has gone up

37′ KNIGHT beats past two defenders but a weak cross is easily cleared

36′ Free kick for Samoa inside their own half and Julius DUFFY is making a decent advance

35′ Solomons work the ball around the top of the box before Samoa finally manage to win back

34′ John AETA receives on the run and just flicks over the cross bar

32′ Solomon Islands with the ball as play restarts


30′ GOAL!!! SOL 4-0 SAM | Ali MEKAWIR with a finish at the far post off a well placed cross from Junior KAONI

29′ SUB SOL | Goalscorer TOATA makes room for Junior ALLEN

29′ GOAL!!! SOL 3-0 SAM | Steward TOATA scores with a massive smash at close range after the initial shot is fumbled

27′ KEANA being almost too generous as he continues to cut back to his teammates at the far post

25′ TOATA receives the cut back from KEANA right in front of the goal but still manages to hit his effort directly at the keeper

25′ Don KEANA breaks the line and looks on target but hits his effort straight at HAFOKA

24′ Another offside from Solomon Islands as Samoa figure out how to work the line to their advantage

22′ Solomon Islands just playing with the ball in the Samoa box but their shots keep going just off-target

21′ TOATA tries to head the ball in off a corner from Junior KAONI and sends it just wide

20′ Excellent ball cut back between two defenders from Elis MANA, TOATA picks it up and drills it low but HAFOKA has his near post well covered

19′ GOAL!!! SOL 2-0 SAM | Ali MEKAWIR latches onto a through ball and from a tight angle shoots, putting it through the keepers legs

18′ Samoa working something up here, KNIGHT with the cross but cleared out

17′ An excellent break from MEKAWIR who has the keeper to beat. He opts for a pass to Steward TOATA who blasts just wide of the post

16′ A couple of great saves from HAFOKA to deny what would otherwise be goals

15′ Stanley RYNIKER is the one who takes, curling it over the wall but HAFOKA tips over the cross bar

14′ Free kick 1m off the Samoa box for Solomon Islands who are looking at doing a sneaky take

13′ Jackson NAUTU tries to play through for Jenuem KEPU up front but John AETA sees the pass coming

11′ Junior KAONI brings the ball up the left and crosses but Sefa MAMEA-HIND gots a foot to it at the near post to clear

10′ GOAL!!! SOL 1-0 SAM | Ali MEKAWIR taps in the cross to open the scoring

8′ Solomon Islands advance up the field but the decisive pass isn’t there

7′ Darcy KNIGHT makes a decent advance in at the Solomon goal and GAGAME blocks for a corner

6′ Long ball to clear from Aengari GAGAME is brought down by Samoa

4′ Ali MEKAWIR lets off a decent shot that keeper Talita HAFOKA has to tip over the cross bar

3′ Don KEANA makes a run into the penalty area but the ball is cleared

2′ Samoa controlling the ball well when in possession

1′ Free kick for Solomon Islands after a foul 10 yards off the Samoa box

1′ Samoa kick off their final Group B match at Stade Pater

Match Officials:
Referee: Joel HOPKEN (VAN)
Assistant Referee 1: Sione TEU (TGA)
Assistant Referee 2: Marc SINYEUE (NCL)
Fourth Official: Kader ZITOUNI (TAH)

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