In the second draw of the day, hosts Tahiti and New Caledonia have battled to a 1-1 result on the second day of action in Group A at the 2017 OFC U-17 Championship.


Tahiti: 16. Moana PITO (GK)(C), 2. Ariimana TAAROAMEA, 3. Taumihau TEHAAMOANA, 5. Giovanni BOOENE, 6. Kavai’ei MORGANT, 8. Eddy KASPARD, 9. Tutehau TUFARIUA, 10. Yann VIVI, 11. Hitiora HANERE, 14. Tautu HEITARAURI, 15. Kalahani BEAUMERT.
Substitutes: 1. Tevaearai TAMATAI (GK), 4. Tohivea HARING, 7. Ryann BOUKROUMA, 12. Bryand TETUANUI, 13. Herearii KOHUMOETINI, 17. Terai BREMOND, 18. Moanahau LAI, 19. Diego ARANEDA, 20. Nohoarii GARBUTT.

Coach: Patrice FLACCADORI (FRA)

New Caledonia: 20. Unë KECINE (GK), 3. Titouan RICHARD, 4. Kiam WANESSE, 5. Cameron WADENGES, 6. Abiezer JENO (C), 7. Raymond LUEWADRIA, 8. Cyril NYIPIE, 12. Bernard IWA, 13. RAOUL WENISSO, 16. Pierre BAKO, 18. Robert CAIHE.
Substitutes: 1. Germain ITA (GK), 2. Josuah HLEMU, 9. Vita LONGUE, 10. Lionel THAHNAENA, 11. Paul GOPE-FENEPEJ, 14. Japhet QAEZE, 15. Ezeckiel TAOUAVAMA, 17. Jean-Pierre ENOKA, 19. Henri KAPOERI.

Coach: Michel CLARQUE (NCL)


90’+4 Unë KECINE beats three players to the ball and punches it away

90’+4 Robert CAIHE defends a Tahiti corner but sends the ball out again for another corner

90’+2 The intensity of the match increases as both teams battle to get ahead

90’+1 GOAL!! TAH 1-1 NCL | Robert CAIHE scores the late equaliser

90′ Four minutes additional time

90′ YELLOW CARD | Kalahani BEAUMERT is cautioned for a tackle from behind in Tahiti’s defensive half 

88′ Tutehau TUFARIUA receives the ball on the counter attack but the offside call is given

88′ Tautu HEITARAURI shuts down and long period of New Caledonia possession but gives away the corner

85′ Both sides keep giving away possession after heavy touches on the ball

83′ A long cross is sent in but Moana PITO grabs the ball and brings it to the ground

82′ Free kick to New Caledonia after Paul GOPE-FENEPEJ is tackled just outside the Tahiti box

80′ Kiam WANESSE slides in to block the counter attack but gives Tahiti the free kick

79′ SUB NCL | Cyril NYIPIE is replaced by Paul GOPE-FENEPEJ 

78′ Free kick to New Caledonia after a foul in Bernard IWA

78′ Kalahani BEAUMERT looks to cross but Pierre BAKO jumps in front of the ball

76′ Moana PITO perfectly times his charge to the front of the box and dives on the through ball just before a New Caledonia foot reaches it

76′ Play resumes with a Tahiti throw in


73′ SUB TAH | Hitiora HANERE is replaced but Terai BREMOND 

71′ Kiam WANESSE miscues the ball in front of goal but New Caledonia recollect the ball and counter attack down the left wing

70′ After blocking back-to-back attempts, the Tahiti backline give away the corner

69′ New Caledonia put the Tahiti backline under pressure but the offside call is given

68′ Cameron WADENGES’s free kick is not met by any New Caledonia player and the ball goes wide out of play

67′ Free kick to New Caledonia after a foul from Eddy KASPARD on Cyril NYIPIE

66′ Taumihau TEHAAMOANA heads a New Caledonian long ball but nearly sends the header back into his own goal

65′ Tahiti earn a free kick after a hard tackle holts their counter attack

63′ SUB NCL | Raoul WENISSO makes room for Vita LONGUE

63′ Moana PITO catches the free kick and creates the quick counter attack ending in an attempt from Eddy KASPARD going wide of goal

62′ Pierre BAKO lines up to take another free kick for New Caledonia

60′ YELLOW CARD | Hitiora HANERE is also cautioned as both players retaliate 

60′ YELLOW CARD | Kiam WANESSE is cautioned after a collision with Hitiora HANERE 

59′ Kalahani BEAUMERT just gets his left foot to the corner at back post but sends his attempt up the goal face and over the crossbar

58′ Hitiora HANERE fires a ball in the air first time towards goal forcing Unë KECINE to jump and punch giving away the corner to Tahiti

57′ Kalahani BEAUMERT chases a through ball but Cameron WADENGES beats him to it and clears it wide

56′ Both sides battle to get the ball under control in the middle of the park

54′ Attempts on goal from multiple Tahiti players are blocked by the New Caledonia backline

53′ Pierre BAKO sends the free kick straight to Moana PITO who turns the play and sets Tahiti up for a counter attack

52″ YELLOW CARD | Yann VIVI is cautioned for a hard tackle just outside the Tahiti penalty box

51′ Tautu HEITARAURI clears a through ball up field and out of play

50′ Another free kick for New Caledonia is blocked by the Tahiti wall

49′ Kalahani BEAUMERT sends in a dangerous ball from a free kick but Tautu HEITARAURI heads his attempt over the crossbar

48′ Pierre BAKO slides in to send the ball out of play to stop Tahiti from counter attacking

47′ Kalahani BEAUMERT tackles Cyril NYIPIE and gives New Caledonia the free kick

47′ Raoul WENISSO meets the free kick and sets up for an attempt but is blocked by the Tahiti backline

46′ Free kick to New Caledonia after a foul from Ariimana TAAROAMEA

46′ New Caledonia kick off the second half

HALF TIME SUB NCL | Raymond LUEWADRIA is replaced by Lionel THAHNAENA 


45’+3 GOAL!! TAH 1-0 NCL | Kalahani BEAUMERT uses the corner to complete a one-two then fires the ball into the back of the net

45’+3 Yann VIVI tries to shoot through a wall of New Caledonians and wins the corner

45’+2 Robert CAIHE shoots from halfway giving Moana PITO plenty of time to position himself for the catch

45′ Three minutes additional time

45′ Pierre BAKO fires the free kick straight to Moana PITO’s gloves

45′ Free kick to New Caledonia after a tackle from Kavai’ei MORGANT on Cameron WADENGES

43′ Titouan RICHARD skims a player as he charges towards goal but Tautu HEITARAURI wins the ball with a solid tackle

42′ Cyril NYIPIE pulls off an impressive flick to feed the ball through to Titouan RICHARD but no New Caledonia player meet the following cross

41′ Titouan RICHARD attempts to shoot but Ariimana TAAROAMEA dives in front and blocks the shot

40′ Raymond LUEWADRIA returns to the field

40′ Taumihau TEHAAMOANA misses a cross from Titouan RICHARD and no New Caledonia player meets the ball at back post

39′ Raymond LUEWADRIA is seeking treatment off the field after the foul

38′ Free kick to New Caledonia after a tackle on Raymond LUEWADRIA

36′ Titouan RICHARD sends in an impressive attempt from the left corner but it grazes the crossbar and goes out of play

35′ Free kick to Tahiti after a tackle on Kalahani BEAUMERT as he made a break down the left wing

34′ Taumihau TEHAAMOANA is forced to clear wide giving New Caledonia the throw in Tahiti’s defensive third

33′ Free kick to New Caledonia after Ariimana TAAROAMEA and Titouan RICHARD collide

32′ Play resumes with a New Caledonia goal kick


29′ An unmarked Eddy KASPARD receives a ball outside the box but sends his attempt over the crossbar

28′ Eddy KASPARD attempts a cross but can’t get enough angle and the ball flies over the crossbar and out of play

27′ Titouan RICHARD receives a long ball but his touch is too heavy and Moana PITO picks up the ball

25′ Tahiti return play to the New Caledonia half but Tutehau TUFARIUA is caught offside

24′ New Caledonia pressure the Tahiti backline forcing Tautu HEITARAURI to clear the ball wide

23′ Ariimana TAAROAMEA earns the free kick after he is fouled trying to complete a combination with Kalahani BEAUMERT

22′ Tutehau TUFARIUA recieves a ball in the air then volleys it just wide of goal

21′ Raoul WENISSO counters with his own long-range attempt but Moana PITO makes the catch

20′ Tutehau TUFARIUA has an attempt from well outside the box but the ball rolls along the ground to Unë KECINE’s feet

19′ YELLOW CARD | Kavai’ei MORGANT battles hard in the middle but is cautioned for a hard tackle from behind

18′ Free kick to Tahiti in their defensive third after a foul on Ariimana TAAROAMEA

17′ Tautu HEITARAURI guides a through ball out to give Tahiti the goal kick

16′ Cyril NYIPIE takes advantage of a Tahiti fumble and fires the ball over the crossbar

15′ Another free kick after Eddy KASPARD takes out Robert CAIHE

14′ New Caledonia earn another free kick, this time just inside their own half, but again the Tahitians are first to the ball

13′ Tahiti push into the New Caledonia half but lose control of the ball wide and return possession to the Melanesians

12′ Moana PITO jumps to catch the free kick from Cameron WADENGES

11′ Another free kick to New Caledonia just inside the Tahiti half

11′ Free kick to New Caledonia after a tackle from Kalahani BEAUMERT on Cyril NYIPIE

10′ Tutehau TUFARIUA chases a through ball but Unë KECINE picks it up with plenty of time

9′ Kalahani BEAUMERT finds the ball again and forces Unë KECINE to punch away his dangerous cross

9′ Tahiti counter with a run from Kalahani BEAUMERT down the wing

8′ A free kick is sent in by Pierre BAKO but Ariimana TAAROAMEA is first to the ball

7′ Raoul WENISSO sees Moana PITO off his line and has an attempt from half way, sending the ball just wide of goal

6′ Yann VIVI and Hitiora HANERE build up a strong combination out wide but Cyril NYIPIE makes the clearance wide

5′ Raymond LUEWADRIA chases a through ball but the offside call is given

4′ New Caledonia win another free kick

3′ Abiezer JENO sends a free kick from just inside Tahiti’s half well over the crossbar

3′ Abiezer JENO kicks the ball over his head but Moana PITO makes the easy catch

2′ Raoul WENISSO smashes a ball towards goal but his attempt curves and flies just over the crossbar

2′ Titouan RICHARD runs the ball all the way to the corner but is blocked out by two Tahiti players

1′ Tahiti get the match underway

Match Officials:
Referee: Salesh CHAND (FIJ)
Assistant Referee 1: Gareth SHEEHAN (NZL)
Assistant Referee 2: Folio MOEAKI (TGA)
Fourth Official: Matthew CONGER (NZL)

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