Tefana 2-2 Marist

A win or draw against Marist will see Tefana through to the semi-finals. Credit: OFC via Massimo Colombini


Tefana have qualified for the OFC Champions League semi-finals after drawing 2-2 with Marist in their final Group D encounter.

AS Tefana: 1. Stevens HIRIGA (GK), 3. Taumihau TIATIA, 4. Tehevarii LUDIVON, 5. Viritua TIAIHO, 6. Tunoa TEVAERAI, 7. Temarii TINORUA, 11. Sylvain GRAGLIA, 12. Alvin TEHAU (C), 13. Stanley ATANI, 14. Jonathan TEHAU, 16. Manutea TAAE
Substitutes: 2. Farearii TUTEINA, 8. Jess HOROI, 9. Tehina TEMORERE, 10. Tautua LUCAS, 15. Jean Claude CHANG KOEI CHANG, 18. Kaena ONUU, 22. Nicolas VALLAR, 23. Moana PITO (GK), 25. Toriki GUYOT, 29. Mikael ROCHE (GK), 30. Lorenzo TEHAU
Suspended: 19. Heimano BOUREBARE

Coach: Sébastien LABAYEN (TAH)

Marist FC: 1. Phillip MANGO (GK), 2. James EGETA, 3. Michael BOSO, 4. Andre MOROSINI, 5. Jeffery BULE (C), 6. Koriak UPAIGA, 7. Atkin KAUA, 8. Timothy BAKALE, 9. Guilherme GUEDES, 11. Abraham INIGA, 17. Djair VEIGA
Substitutes: 10. Rueben DOUGLAS, 12. Zantas KABINI (GK), 13. Robert LAUA, 14. Martin SALEIMANU, 18. Matthias IANI, 20. Joel PAKA, 23. Thomas TALOGA

Coach: Juliano SCHMELING (BRA)

FULL TIME | Tefana 2-2 Marist

90’+4′ MANGO is picking the ball out of his net but the flag has already been raised

90’+4′ SUB TEF | Sylvain GRAGLIA makes room for Jess HOROI

90’+1′ Marist are really searching here but these are some tired legs

90′ A minimum of four minutes additional time

90′ GOAL!!! TEF 2-2 MAR | Guilherme GUEDES sends HIRIGA the wrong way as he slots in from the spot

89′ PENALTY! GUEDES goes down in the box after an excellent run and it’s a chance for Marist to equalise

88′ Teheivarii LUDIVON with a timely tackle

87′ UPAIGA claims possession and it’s BULE who sets up the shot but his left-foot effort is weak making it an easy claim for HIRIGA

86′ GUEDES breaks up the left but is flagged for offside

85′ SUB MAR | Atkin KAUA makes room for Matthias IANI

84′ GUEDES surrounded on four sides by Tefana players making it near impossible for him to come away with teh ball

83′ SUB MAR | Timothy BAKALE is replaced by Thomas TALOGA

83′ YELLOW CARD | Lorenzo TEHAU is cautioned 

82′ Foul from Marist while on attack and it’s a free kick for Tefana

80′ Perfect cross from ATANI across the goal mouth but LUCAS isn’t quick enough to get a touch

78′ Excellent hustle from VEIGA who tries to pick out BAKALE but there’s an intercept

77′ Stunning save from MANGO who denies a powerful close range shot to send Marist on attack

76′ LUCAS has a chance on goal after a turnover comes to him along up front but he fires at MANGO

75′ SUB TEF | Temarii TINORUA makes room for Tauatua LUCAS

74′ MANGO makes a daring run out of his box to put pressure on the shot-taker and does enough to deny a goal

73′ TINORUA fires low and hard but MANGO dips to claim

72′ BAKALE does well to see UPAIGA make his run out of the corner of his eye, he lays off for the defender who fires in at goal but HIRIGA claims

71′ TEVAEARAI takes a shot from distance but MANGO has it in sight and claims

70′ Lorenzo TEHAU with a powerful advance

69′ Tight, tight defending from Viritua TIAIHO

68′ A shot from Marist tests the defence but not enough for an equaliser

66′ SUB TEF | Taumihau TIATIA is replaced by Lorenzo TEHAU

65′ RED CARD | A second yellow for James EGETA for halting a promising attack sees him take an early shower

63′ VEIGA delivers a corner but he’s gone too big and it’s a swift counter attack from Tefana

63′ EGETA is taken out in front of the Marist bench by Tunoa TEVAEARAI who concedes a free kick

62′ Long ball for GRAGLIA to give chase but UPAIGA arrives first on this occasion

61′ GUEDES brings it up and crosses, HIRIGA fumbles but its headed back for him to claim

60′ Excellent shot from KAUA who forces HIRIGA to push wide of his front post

59′ Great ball from BAKALE but GUEDES is muscled off the ball by TIAIHO

58′ Michael BOSO pauses to look for options but sees nothing as TENORUA arrives so puts out to wait for reinforcements to arrive

57′ TINORUA races up the left but James EGETA matches him for speed and whips off with the ball as he attempts to turn

54′ Long range effort from TINORUA is just outside the post

51′ BULE again loses possession in the middle but he words hard to win back

50′ Koriak UPAIGA claims a stray cross and sends his side on attack but poor pass from BULE sees Tefana reclaim

48′ HIRIGA claims just as GUEDES leaps to claim the same ball

47′ Tefana with plenty of time on the ball as they play their way upfield, it’s GRAGLIA and the shot comes back off the post

46′ Underway for the second half of this exciting final match in Group D

HALF-TIME SUB MAR | Abraham INIGA is replaced by Robert LAUA

45’+1′ Another stunning effort from GRAGLIA whose shot clips the cross bar as it goes over

45′ A minimum of two minutes additional time

44′ GOAL!!! TEF 2-1 MAR | A melee in the box and Guilherme GUEDES gets his fourth goal of the tournament

43′ YELLOW CARD | Viritua TIAIHO is cautioned for a foul on GUEDES

42′ GUEDES is taken out in a sliding challenge from J. TEHAU and the two are now having word off the ball

41′ TIAIHO cuts between BAKALE and the ball, playing back to HIRIGA to clear

39′ GOAL!!! TEF 2-0 MAR | The shot from Tefana comes ricocheting off the boot of Michael BOSO and out of MANGO’s reach

38′ YELLOW CARD | Djair VEIGA is cautioned after an obvious foul in front of the fourth

37′ Switched to GRAGLIA out left but he swings and misses for a Marist throw

36′ Foul from Tunoa TEVAEARAI on Timothy BAKALE in the centre

35′ The free kick is sent wide of the far post

34′ YELLOW CARD | Michael BOSO is cautioned for a challenge 10 yards off his area

33′ EGETA sees INIGA out wide and crosses, it’s over to KAUA whose shot is blocked

32′ GRAGLIA powers a shot in at the target but hits side-net with his effort

31′ Tefana try and pass it out of their area and they’re under pressure as BULE comes in to win

30′ GRAGLIA with an exceptional backheel to put Tunoa TEVAEARAI through however UPAIGA has read it well and touches away

29′ EGETA wins the ball and despite Temarii TINORUA going down the referee signals play on

28′ YELLOW CARD | James EGETA cautioned this time 

27′ EGETA miscues his leap and the ball flies over his head for

26′ YELLOW CARD | The referee Matt CONGER dishes out a caution for Tefana’s Teheivarii LUDIVON

25′ A free kick for Marist after Guilherme GUEDES is taken down on the edge of the area

24′ Marist take things up the opposite end alooking for an equaliser

23′ GOAL!!! TEF 1-0 MAR | Jonathan TEHAU puts Tefana ahead with a shot MANGO can’t control

22′ Excellent defending from BOSO who tracks ATANI back getting a touch to put the ball out for a corner

20′ Exceptionally taken free kick by Viritua TIAIHO whose free kick comes rebounding back off the top corner

19′ YELLOW CARD | Abraham INIGA is cautioned for a shoulder bump on the edge of the Marist area

18′ BAKALE hoofs the ball forward to clear but there’s no-one up there to collect it for Marist

17′ A corner is whipped in by GRAGLIA and MANGO leaps above the goal mouth fray to punch clear

16′ Stanley ATANI is trapped in a pocket of two defenders but manages to win a corner

15′ BULE with possession in the middle but his pass is poor, handing the ball straight to Tefana

15′ Nope, it’s VEIGA who takes smashing it directly into the wall

14′ Free kick 10m off the top of the box with Jeffery BULE looking to take

13′ UPAIGA gets in a decent cross, it skims the head of VEIGA and depite his efforts Atkin KAUA can’t get a shot in from the opposite side

12′ There’s a scramble in the Marist box before BOSO gets a foot in to clear

11′ Marist’s chance is thwarted and Tefana take advantage to counter attack

10′ Michael BOSO miscalculates the height of Jonathan TEHAU in the middle who heads his clearance back

9′ GRAGLIA has the speed up the right, he passes to Stanley ATANI who sends in the cross but EGETA claims

7′ Koriak UPAIGA chases down Sylvian GRAGLIA, who has broken up the right, and earns a throw for Marist

6′ Jonathan TEHAU controlling things through the middle for Tefana but on this occasion is taken out by Timothy BAKALE

5′ James EGETA intercepts a pass from Temarii TINORUA and sends Marist on a counter

4′ No clear shot comes from Marist to test Stevens HIRIGA despite having numbers in the final third

3′ A foul from Viritua TIAIHO at the other end sees Marist with a chance to create something from just outside the area

2′ Alvin TEHAU makes a move through the middle but the challenge from Djair VEIGA is deemed a foul for a free kick in Tefana’s favour

1′ An early effort from Tefana is palmed away by Phillip MANGO

1′ Underway at Stade Pater for our final Group D match

Match Officials
Referee: Matthew CONGER (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1: Tevita MAKASINI (TGA)
Assistant Referee 2: Marc SINYEUE (NCL)
Fourth Official: Joel HOPKEN (VAN)

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