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New Caledonia have defeated Tonga 3-1 on the fourth day of action at the OFC U-19 Women’s Championship 2017.

Tonga: 1. Mele AKOLO (GK), 2. Fifi MOALA (C), 3. Michelle TUITUPOU, 4. Meleseini TUFUI, 5. Manusiu LATAVAO, 6. Siunipa TALASINGA, 7. Seini LUTU, 9. Carmel UHILA, 11. Mele KAFA, 12. Ofa ATAONGO, 19. Alexandra FIFITA.
Substitutes: 20. Helen TAHITUA (RGK), 10. Teisa FUSI, 13. Peta FENUKITAU, 14. Patricia LIKILIKI, 15. Luseane VIVILI, 16. Katalina TALIAULI, 17. Kalolaine TALIAULI, 18. Sosefina HAVEA.
Suspended: 8. Halaunga TAHOLO

Coach: Christian KOANETI (TGA)

New Caledonia: 1. Karine XOZAME (GK), 2. Darnelle HACE, 4. Ami-Nata AJAPUHNYA (C), 5. Sonia HNANGANYAN, 6. Isabelle ILENGO, 7. Océane FOREST, 9. Alice WENESSIA, 10. Marie-Laure PALENE, 13. Ivonne XOWI, 14. Cassidy CAWA, 17. Moïsette BROUSTET
Substitutes: 16. Kathleen WAUNIE (RGK), 3. Joséphine SAKILIA, 8. Shaya IHMELING, 11. Jeanine HUMUNIE, 12. Johana TAKAMATSU, 15. Valérie HOLUE, 18. Isabelle HNAWEONGO, 19. Marie WANEUX, 20. Donatienne BALY.

Coach: Kamali FITIALEATA (NCL)

FULL TIME | Tonga 1-3 New Caledonia

90’+7 Free kick to Tonga just outside the New Caledonia box

90’+5 Alexandra FIFITA has an attempt from the edge of the box but can’t get enough power behind it to challenge Karine XOZAME

90’+3 Alexandra FIFITA charges into the box but Marie-Laure PALENE manages a last minute tackle

90′ Six minutes additional time

90′ SUB NCL | Alice WENESSIA is replaced by Valérie HOLUE 

90′ YELLOW CARD | Marie-Laure PALENE is cautioned 

89′ SUB TGA | Siunipa TALASINGA is replaced by Teisa FUSI

88′ Michelle TUITUPOU has a long range attempt but can’t get enough weight behind the ball to challenge Karine XOZAME

86′ SUB NCL | Sonia HNANGANYAN is replaced by Shaya IHMELING 

83′ RED CARD | Cassidy CAWA is shown her second yellow and given her marching orders after a foul on Seini LUTU 

81′ Both teams battle for possession in the middle of the park

79′ Ami-Nata AJAPUHNYA sprints after a through ball but the offside call is given

76′ SUB TGA | An injured Mele KAFA is replaced by Kalolaine TALIAULI 

72′ Play has halted while a Tonga player receives treatment on the field

70′ Océane FOREST tries to carry the ball up the line but sends it out of play

66′ Alice WENESSIA is on the ground requiring treatment

66′ Carmel UHILA fires the ball over the crossbar

63′ Océane FOREST has a long range attempt but can’t get enough power behind her shot to challenge Mele AKOLO

62′ Ami-Nata AJAPUHNYA carries the ball up the field but lets it too far infront allowing Mele AKOLO to pick it up

60′ Seini LUTU sends the corner kick straight to Karine XOZAME’s gloves

59′ SUB NCL | Moïsette BROUSTET is replaced by Joséphine SAKILIA 

58′ Carmel UHILA has an attempt from the top of the box but is blocked by the New Caledonia backline

56′ Darnelle HACE is first to the Tonga free kick but miscues the ball and gives away a corner

55′ Ami-Nata AJAPUHNYA fires in a cross but Mele AKOLO makes the save

53′ Marie-Laure PALENE chases a through ball into the box but the offside call is given

52′ Free kick to New Caledonia after a foul on Alice WENESSIA

51′ YELLOW CARD | Cassidy CAWA is cautioned 

50′ Ami-Nata AJAPUHNYA makes an impressive run down the line but is tackled by a Tonga defender

49′ Seini LUTU attempts a through ball but is blocked by the New Caledonia backline

47′ Free kick to New Caledonia after a collision in the box leaves Karine XOZAME on the ground

47′ Seini LUTU lines up the corner kick for Tonga

46′ New Caledonia kick off the second half

46′ SUB TGA | Ofa ATAONGO is replaced by Katalina TALIAULI 

HALF-TIME | Tonga 1-3 New Caledonia

45′ A minimum of one minute additional time

42′ WENESSIA charges down the line but sends her cross directly to a waiting AKOLO

40′ Moisette BROUSTET has a go from distance but AKOLO has plenty of time to bring the ball under her control

35′ KAFA goes 1v1 with XOZAME who makes the save but both players require treatment following a collision

34′ A save from Mele AKOLO comes after a rapid counter-attack from New Caledonia

33′ A KAFA attempt from just outside the box forces a diving save from XOZAME

31′ PALENE takes a ground-grubbing free kick but AKOLO dives and saves

30′ A free kick to New Caledonia just outside the Tonga box

28′ GOAL!!! TGA 1-03 NCL | Mele KAFA charges into the box and sends the ball over Karine XOZAME’s gloves

27′ TUITUPOU shuts down a dangerous build up from New Caledonia by sliding in and sending the ball wide

22′ Mele KAFA is tackled in the box but wins a corner kick for Tonga

21′ GOAL!!! TGA 0-3 NCL | Marie-Laure PALENE scores directly from the free kick as Mele AKOLO can only watch it whistle over her

19′ Cassidy CAWA sends a ball through for Ami-Nata AJAPUHNYA who can’t quite get a touch before the it rolls out

17′ Free kick to Tonga after a foul on Nipa TALASINGA

11′ GOAL!!! TGA 0-2 NCL | Oceania FOREST wastes no time putting in a second for New Caledonia as she fires under the keeper

10′ GOAL!!! TGA 0-1 NCL | Alice WENESSIA puts the ball in the back of the net after a clearance goes wrong

9′ Oceane FOREST follows up a save from Mele AKOLO and wins a corner kick

6′ Mele KAFA sends an attempt across the face of the New Caledonia goal

3′ A free kick to New Caledonia after a foul on Marie-Laure PALENE

3′ Play resumes with a drop ball

2′ The referee halts the match after a lightning strike

1′ Tonga get the match underway

Match Officials:
Referee: Morgan ARCHER (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1: Beth RATTRAY (NZL)
Assistant Referee 2: Regina TEUA (TAH)
Fourth Official: Nadia BROWNING (NZL)

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