Vanuatu have been defeated by New Caledonia 2-3 on the last day of action in Group A at the OFC U-17 Championship 2017.

Vanuatu: 20. Dgen LEO (GK), 3. Zidane MAGUEKON, 5. Jean-Claude BATICK, 7. Alberick WEQUAS, 8. Tom SAKSAK, 9. Rhydley Napau, 10. Abert VANVA, 13. Julio TEVANU, 15. Richard THOMAS, 16. Dilland NGWELE, 17. Presley ALICK.
Substitutes: 1. Joshua WILLIE (RGK), 2. Jayson TARI, 4. Glendon LEKI, 12. Andre DAMELIP, 14. Semy Chris IATI, 18. Tyson GERE, 19. Jack WILLIE,


New Caledonia: 20. Unë KECINE (GK), 4. Kiam WANESSE, 5. Cameron WADENGES, 6. Abiezer JENO, 7. Raymond LUEWADRIA, 8. Cyril NYIPIE, 10. Lionel THAHNAENA, 12. Bernard IWA, 13. RAOUL WENISSO, 16. Pierre BAKO, 18. Robert CAIHE.
Substitutes: 1. Germain ITA (RGK), 2. Josuah HLEMU, 3. Titouan RICHARD, 9. Vita LONGUE, 11. Paul GOPE-FENEPEJ, 14. Japhet QAEZE, 15. Ezeckiel TAOUAVAMA, 17. Jean-Pierre ENOKA, 19. Henri KAPOERI.

Coach: Michel CLARQUE (NCL)

FULL TIME: Vanuatu 2-3 New Caledonia

90’+5′ Vanuatu with a chance at the other wide – VANVA fires but KECINE saves at the near post

90’+4′ Long ball into the box but it’s a mis-fire from LONGUE allowing Vanuatu to clear

90’+3′ GOPE-FENEPEJ chests down and releases a volley but LEO blocks

90’+1′ Free kick at halfway for New Caledonia

90′ A minimum of five minutes additional time

89′ GOAL!!! VAN 2-3 NCL | Captain Rhydley NAPAU steps up this time and batters the ball past KECINE

88′ Abert VANVA sends it wide but the signal is for a retake after the keeper moved too early

87′ PENALTY | A hand ball in the box sees the referee George Time point to the spot

87′ Vanuatu on attack after turning over the ball in their own half

85′ YELLOW CARD | Kiam WANESSE is cautioned

84′ GOAL!!! VAN 1-3 NCL | Substitute Jayson TARI puts Vanuatu on the scoresheet with a brilliant strike

83′ SUB NCL | Raymond LEUWADRIA takes a break as Ezeckiel TAOUAVAMA replaces him

81′ Vita LONGUE with a great run up the left

79′ New Caledonia have a man down in the middle of the park as Vita LONGUE makes an advance up the right

78′ SUB VAN | Vanuatu lose talismanic captain Zidane MAGUEKON to injury, Tyson GERE replaces him


75′ GOAL!!! VAN 0-3 NCL | Bernard IWA drills it low to the left of LEO to convert from the penalty spot

74′ PENALTY | The referee points to the penalty spot after LEO brings down Vita LONGUE in the box

72′ GOAL!!! VAN 0-2 NCL | GOPE-FENPEJ connects with the corner from JENO to power the ball past LEO

71′ LEO with two excellent, acrobatic saves to keep Vanuatu in the game

70′ Vanuatu with a chance as TARI makes a run in at goal but KECINE is up for the save

69′ SUB NCL | Lionel THAHNAENA is replaced by Paul GOPE-FENEPEJ

68′ LUEWADRIA makes a great advance in at the near post but a touch enough from the defence puts it out for a corner

67′ YELLOW CARD | Vanuatu’s Julio-Claude TEVANU is cautioned

65′ Free kick for New Caledonia is through the wall but LEO gets down to save

64′ SUB VAN | Jean Claude BATICK makes room for Jayson TARI

62′ Alberick WEQUAS with an over head shot that gets nothing but side-net

60′ SAKSAK wins consecutive throws as Vanuatu make their way up the left but a foul sees possession head back to the other way

58′ Tom SAKSAK takes a knock as he shouts down Lionel THANAENA but jogs it off

57′ Cyril NYIPIE is fouled from behind and whips a free kick in but Vanuatu clear

56′ A shot from Abiezer JENO is easily claimed by LEO

55′ MAGUEKON does enough to interrupt LUEWADRIA’s approach on goal

54′ SUB NCL | Vita LONGUE comes in for Raoul WENISSO

53′ Vanuatu making a run into opposition territory and KECINE gets his first touch of the half

52′ Cross is whipped in by LUEWADRIA but LEO manages to claim ahead of WENISSO

50′ SUB VAN | Dilland NGWELE is replaced by Andre DAMELIP

49′ Vanuatu turnover but New Caledonia win back quickly only for NYIPIE to put his shot over the goal

47′ A free kick for New Caledonia following a high foot is whipped at goal by Cyril NYIPIE but it’s too high

46′ The second half gets underway with Vanuatu immediately on the hunt for an equaliser

HALF-TIME | Vanuatu 0-1 New Caledonia

45’+5′ A last ditch attempt from New Caledonia to close out the half

45’+3′ LEO holding possession but Vanuatu can’t build anything up

45’+2′ Break up the right, and crossed in for WENISSO but MAGUEKON whips in to clear for a corner

45′ A minimum of three minutes of additional time

44′ LEO misses the ball as he attempts to punch clear the corner delivery and is lucky when the header goes over

44′ New Caledonia continue to press forward this time it’s Jean-Claude BATICK ending the run from LUEWADRIA on the left

43′ WENISSO can’t quite get a decent shot off with MAGUEKON and Julio-Claude TEVANU closing him down

41′ WENISSO leaps for the header but it’s just over the cross bar

40′ Free kick for New Caledonia deep in the Vanuatu corner

37′ GOAL!!! VAN 0-1 NCL | Lionel THAHNAENA weaves his way through the defenders in the box and smashes past LEO to open the scoring

37′ Another excellent challenge from MAGUEKON on WENISSO

34′ Zidane MAGUEKON does exceptionally well to keep WENISSO from unleashing a shot

33′ New Caledonia working their way up the right wing through throw-ins

32′ New Caledonia on the attack – LUEWADRIA goes 1v1 but it’s a touch too hard allowing LEO to kick clear

31′ Back underway with an advance from New Caledonia but Vanuatu recover possession in the middle of the park

30′ LEO looks to have recovered and is heading back between the sticks for Vanuatu

29′ WATER BREAK | Coincides with the treatment of LEO

27′ Offside from Lionel THAHNAENA who has already put in a challenge on LEO before the signal goes off

25′ A great advance from Vanuatu as Dilland NGWELE puts his skates on and boosts past a flat defence line

24′ LUEWADRIA breaks up the left but a little too early and the flag goes up

23′ Well-timed counter attack from Vanuatu but the final pass is lacking and New Caledonia steal back

22′ Abiezer JENO tries to get past three defenders who are fast closing in but the numbers are stacked against him

20′ Long ball hoofed upfield by Abiezer JENO, Vanuatu leave it to roll out for a goal kick

18′ Richard THOMAS makes a timely sliding tackle to close down LUEWADRIA’s run into the box

17′ Headed upfield by Liam WANESSE to start a threatening attack but the cross from LUEWADRIA is too long

16′ Goal kick for Vanuatu but it’s the New Caledonia attackers who get there first

14′ LUEWADRIA receives with his back to the goal but can’t convert as Zidane MAGUEKON comes in strong with a challenge

13′ New Caledonia advance but the defence holds strong

11′ Rhydley NAPAU does well to hold possession against a three-pronged defence

9′ A swift counter attack from New Caledonia and WENISSO almost has LEO beat but he just tips wide

8′ Another corner for Vanuatu but it’s nothing but side-net from Alberick WEQUAS

7′ Abert VANVA unleashes a shot that Une KECINE has to push away for a Vanuatu corner

5′ Lionel THAHNAENA whacks the ball at the near post but Dgen LEO slaps away for a corner

4′ The slipperiness of the surface is evident as Robert CAIHE slides as he attempts to cross

3′ Free kick for the Caledonians and Pierre Bako plays short

2′ New Caledonia work the ball forward to Raoul WENISSO who can’t control

1′ New Caledonia kick things off at Stade Pater

Match Officials:
Referee: George TIME (SOL)
Assistant Referee 1: Avinesh NARAYAN (FIJ)
Assistant Referee 2: Douglas METE (SOL)
Fourth Official: Salesh CHAND (FIJ)

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