Wellington 3-1 Hienghène

Hienghène Sport face Team Wellington in a pivotal Group B clash.


Team Wellington have beaten Hienghène Sport to stay top of Group B in the OFC Champions league and end the host team’s chances of qualifying.

Team Wellington [NZL]: 1. Scott BASALAJ (GK), 2. Justin GULLEY, 4. Guillermo MORETTI, 5. Bill ROBERTSON (c), 7. Leo VILLA, 9. Tom JACKSON, 11. Mario BARCIA, 12. Andy BEVIN, 15. Joel STEVENS, 16. Ben HARRIS, 19. Joshua MARGETTS.

Substitutes:  3. Omrie SAOLELE,  6. Taylor SCHRIJVERS,  8. Cole PEVERLEY, 10. Nathanael HAILEMARIAM,  13. Roland BALA, 14. Billy SCOTT,  17. Sam BLACKBURN, 18. Nicolas ZAMBRANO,  20. Nicholas EDGINTON, 21. Niko KIRWAN, 22. Adam MCDONALD (RGK).

Coach: José FIGUEIRA (ENG)

Hienghène Sport [NCL]: 19. Rocky NYIKEINE (GK), 4. Pothin POMA, 5. Jordan DINET, 6. Adolphe BOAOUTHO,9. Jefferson DAHITE, 10. Miguel KAYARA, 11. Bertrand KAI, 13. Roy KAYARA, 15. Clifton KANVA, 16. Harry DINET, 34. Yohann MERCIER.

Substitutes: 1. Jean Yann DOUNEZECK (GK), 3. William YENTAO, 7. Anthony KAI, 12. Warren HOUALA, 14, Giani KAYARA,  18. Renaldo POINDJIAO (GK),  24. Rudy KAYARA, 27. George BAMY, 28. Franck SINEM, 29. Johanès BERNOL, 30. Yvanoe BAMY, 33. Iamel KABEU,

Coach: Felix TAGAWA (FRA)

FULL TIME | Team Wellington 3-1 Hienghène Sport

90+4′ SUB WLG | Ben HARRIS is replaced by Nicolas ZAMBRANO

90+3′ YELLOW CARD | Iamel KABEU receives a caution

90+3′ GOAL!!! WLG 3-1 HGN Andy BEVIN seals it for the New Zealand champions, deftly bending a shot into the top corner.

90+1′ Josh MARGETTS plays for time in the corner but eventually concede a goal kick.

90′ A minimum of three minutes additional time.

87′ VILLA takes a free kick short, JACKSON lays it back fro HAILMARIAM whose  shot keeps bending away from the far post.

84′ GOAL!!! WLG 2-1 HGN From a free kick, Guillermo MORETTI takes it on his chest and it bounces across the line. Not pretty but it’s good enough for Wellington. 

83′ Ball bounces to VILLA on the edge of the area but Roy KAYARA’s desperate slide is enough to block the shot

81′ Shot from Miguel KAYARA is well saved by BASALAJ

79′ Ball played for JACKSON on the edge of are but can’t get it from under his feet and shake the defender who gets in front and clears

79′ SUB HGN | Adoplph BOAOUTHO is replaced by Yvanoe BAMY

76′ KAYARA forces a fingertip save from BASALAJ and Hienghène have a corner.

75′ Hienghène win a free kick on the edge of the area.Miguel KAYARA to take

72′ YELLOW CARD | Ben HARRIS is cautioned for a foul on Roy KAYARA

71′ SUB WLG | Mario BARCIA is replaced by Nicolas EDGINGTON

70′ YELLOW CARD | Pothin POMA brings down Tom JACKSON to thwart a counter attack but is cautioned 

69′ MERCIER jumps to skilfully back heel a cross away from his own goal

67′ JACKSON thinks he’s thorough on goal but the flag goes up for offside

64′ Wellington have the ball in the net but the whistle had long been blown for a foul on NYIKEINE. The keeper is still down receiving treatment.

61′ SUB HGN | Jefferson DAHITE is replaced by Iamel KABEU

60′ From a corner, Warren HOUALA rises high and thunders a header at goal but BASALAJ tips it onto the bar.

59′ Pothin POMA almost gets on the end of a freekcik but can’t quite connect with the header

57′ HARRIS bears down on goal but NYIKENE out well to block the shot

56′ A Hienghène  free kick is launched into the Wellington box where BASALAJ collects

53′ SUB HGN | Henry DINET is replaced by Warren HOUALA

53′ BEVIN tries to thread a ball through but HARRIS and JACKOSN are both offside

50′ VILLA delivers, NYIKEINE gloves it away and Hinghéne clear.

49′ Wellington have a free kick wide but level with the penalty area

48′ The ball finds its way across the box to HAILEMARIAM who tries to bend it toward the back post. It’s straight at NYIKEINE however.

46′ Back underway at Stade Yoshida.

HALF-TIME | Team Wellington 1-1 Hienghène Sport

45+2′ HAILEMARIAM crosses for HARRIS but NYIKEINE gets there first

45′ A minimum of two additional minutes

45′ Hienghène have a free kick midway in Wellington’s half. BASALAJ again out well to collect as it’s floated in.

42′ SUB WLG | Joel STEVENS is replaced by Nathanael HAILEMARIAM

39′ STEVENS was injured in the challenge and now looks to be limping around the touchline with the physio headed back to the bench.

38′ YELLOW CARD. Harry DINET  is cautioned for a challenge Joel STEVENS.

33′ GOAL!!! WLG 1-1 HGN With his back to goal, Bertrand KAI stretches to connect with a Miguel KAYARA cross and somehow directs it on target. Hosts level. 

30′ BEVIN wriggles free but can’t hit the target with his shot.

29′ NYIKEINE dives out sharply to catch a HARRIS cross that had a bit f pace on it

26′ Important save from Scott BASALAJ as he gets down low to his right to parry Pothin POMA’s goal-bound shot out for a corner.

24′ Hienghène have a free kick just off the left hand corner of the Wellington area. BASALAJ out well to punch as far as KANVA whose thumping shot is just over the bar.

23′ BASALAJ does well twice to thwart danger. Punches a cross in traffic then rises high to collect a cross when it eventually comes back in.

22′ KAI finds himself in possession in the Wellington box but ROBERTSON stands up well to block the shot.

20′ Another free kick high up the pitch but NYIKEINE is again confident tin the air and takes it well under pressure.

18′ KAI wins a foot race to a ball over the top, crosses across the top of the box where Miguel KAYARA shoots over the bar

16′ Freekick to Wellington on the right-hand edge of the box. VILLA shoots but the ball whizzes over.

16′ Chance to HARRIS, slipped through by BEVIN but NYIKEINE saves well one on one.

13′ YELLOW CARD – Yohann MERCIER is cautioned for a thumping challenge on HARRIS

12′ GOAL!! WLG 1-0 HGN Rocky NYIEKEINE races out of his goal to make a clearance but Tom Jackson lobs it back towards goal first time and finds the target.

11′ MERCIER tries to head a ball to his keeper but HARRIS nips in. NYIKEINE makes himself big to block.

9′ Bill ROBERTSON gets his head to the corner but puts it wide.

8′ Freekick to Wellington midway in the opposition half. VILLA bends it in low and Roy KAYARA puts it out for a corner.

6′ HARRIS back on his feet.

5′ BASALAJ launches the ball up field and Clifton KANVA and Ben HARRIS contest aerially. HARRIS is down hurt.

4′ Hienghène pass their way up the right flank. The cross comes but it is too deep. GULLEY shepherds it out for a goal kick.

2′ VILLA floats in into the box but Rocky NYIKEINE rises high to collect.

1′ Free kick straight away to Team Wellington just in Hienghéne’s half.

1′ Were underway at Stade Yoshida

Match Officials:
Referee: Norbert HAUATA (TAH)
Assistant Referee 1: Folio MOEAKI (TGA)
Assistant Referee 2: Steven SENIGA (SOL)
Fourth Official: Arnold TARI (VAN)

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