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Western United 1 – 2 Auckland City

Auckland City FC's Clayton Lewis. Image: OFC via Phototek

Auckland City have defeated Western United 2 -1 on the first day of action for Group C in the 2017 OFC Champions League.


Western United: 20. Anthony TALO (GK),  6. Matson FENI, 8. Henry FAARODO (C), 9. Benjamin TOTORI,  11. Joachim WAROI, 13. James NAKA, 14. Moffat KILIFA, 17. Nelson SALE, 21. Abraham MAEZAMA, 22. Joses NAWO, 23. Molis GAGAME.
Substitutes: 1. Fabrizio PRATTICO (RGK), 3. George KAKAI, 5 Freddie KINI, 7. Paul WALE,  10. Atana FAARODO, 15. Brian PETER, 19. Lenson BISILI,

Coach: Commins MENAPI (SOL)

Auckland City: 1. Enaut ZUBIKARAI (GK), 3. Takuya IWATA, 4. Mario BILEN, 5. Angel BERLANGA (C), 8. Albert RIERA, 9. Darren WHITE, 10. Ryan DE VRIES, 11. Fabrizio TAVANO, 14. Clayton LEWIS, 17. Joao MOREIRA  23. Marko DORDEVIC.
Substitutes: 18. Danyon DRAKE (RGK), 24. Jacob SPOONLEY, 2. Harshae RANIGA, 6. Cam HOWIESON, 7. Reid DRAKE, 13. Alfie ROGERS,  15. Mario ILICH, 16. Daewook KIM, 19. Micah LEA’ALAFA, 20. Emiliano TADE, 21. Harry EDGE, 22. Abdullah AL-KALISY,

Coach: Ramon Tribulietx (ESP)

FULL TIME| Western United 1 – 2 Auckland City 

92 + Another free flowing football shown by both teams

90′ Additional time with the toughest Auckland City and Western United battling by proven to show the best of the last ability in their first match

88′ Auckland City coming back in full force after paying tribute to Western United net for the second time willingly for  a win.

86′ GOAL | AUC 2 – 1 WST | Emiliano TADE setting the record straight by putting goal in Western United net from a penalty

85′ Auckland City has another chance of getting a second goal after claiming Western United foul

83′ Micah LEA’ALAFA confusingly dribble in front of Anthony TALO attempting for a goal, and has lost another chance of claiming a second goal

81′ Marko DORDEVIC delivered Auckland City free kick which was a close to an extra goal from Emilliano TADE but wasn’t successful

79′ RED CARD | Nelson SALE gets a second yellow and receives his marching orders

75′ SUB AUC | Clayton LEWIS is replaced by Cam HOWIESON

75′ GOAL | AUC 1 – 1 WST | Emiliano TADE delivers the free kick which Darren WHITE headed straight in Western United goal

73′  Joses NAWO thrilled for another goal attempting to cross over to James NAKA

69′ Molis GAGAME injured and is at sideline for treatment, Benjamin  TOTORI passed through James NAKA for a goal, but he hits the ball over the goal.

68′ Angel BERLANGA proved to Benjamin TOTORI that he is good enough to take the ball for his team

66′ Throw in by Auckland City, Joses NAWO stealing the ball from  Takuya  IWATA

63′ SUB | Ryan DE VRIES  is replaced by Alfie ROGERS

61′ Joachim WAROI steals the ball from Auckland City, running towards the side whilst ball switched to Auckland City with amusement

60′ Clayton LEWIS sends a cross against TALO

59′ Auckland City Darren White accidentally crossed in hurry towards Western United sideline which an offside was awarded

58′ Potential Auckland City backline coming full force in Western United sideline, eager for a goal

56′ Another missed goal from Fabrizio TAVANO, Auckland City hoping for a goal in Western United goal

54′ SUB | Mario BILEN giving Emiliano TADE an opportunity to battle against the Western United team

53′ YELLOW CARD | Henry FA’ARODO for a foul against an Auckland City player

50′ Clayton Lewis battling with Benjamin TOTORI at sideline

48′ Possession on Auckland City across their backline

47′ Auckland City’s Marko DORDEVIC pouching to the back of Western United backline

46′ Second half is underway with Auckland City kicking off

HALF TIME | Western United 1 – 0 Auckland City

45 + 3 Western United proving to be good enough for the reigning champs

45′ + 2 Joses NAWO has an attempt inside the box but Mario BILEN jumps in front of the ball

45′ + 1 Western United eager to steal the ball from Auckland City’s  backline

45′ Free kick for Auckland City from a foul

43′ Ryan DE VRIES willing to take Western United’s side by dribbling for an opportunity for galo

41′ YELLOW CARD | Nelson SALE for delaying the restarting of the game

39′  SUB: WST | Abraham MAEZAMA makes room for Freddie KINI

38′ GOAL!! WST 1 – 0 AUC| James Naka connects with a free kick from Henry FA’ARADO

36′ Free kick for Western United outside the Auckland City penalty box

35′ Joao MOREIRA shooting straight to Anothny TALO gloves

33′ An offside goal from Mario BILEN, Benjamin TOTORI stealing the game by running the ball through Western  United’s side

32′ Throw in from Darren WHITE, backling Angel BERLANGA aiming for a long shoot, Western United smashing free flowing for a ball opportunity

30′ Another unlucky attempt for a goal from Western United Fabrizio

28′ Clayton LEWIS focusing to drop a goal in the net hit’s Western United knee and threw ball to the sideline

26′ Joses NAWO dropping the ball from the sideline across  ENuat ZUBIKARAI

23′ Ryan DE VIRES attempt for goal infront of Anothony TALO

22′ Long cross by Henry FAARODO to Auckland City’s side

20′ Throw in from Darren WHITE

19′ A long kick from Auckalnd City Mario BILEN for the side line , Darren WHITE defensing ball runner from Western United backline

17′  Marko DORDEVIC comes back full force attacking Western United’s Moffat KILIFA

15′ Ball controlling and passing from Auckland CIty back line hoping for a runner to drop in a goal.

13′ Central United back line having looking for an opportunity across Western United side

12′ Free kick for Auckland City for Albert RIERA after a foul from Western United

11′ Auckland City Fabrizio TAVANO loose the ball to Western United Moffat KILIFA

8′ Ball turned over to Western United, Benjamin TOTOKI attempting for a goal

7′ Marko DORDEVIC taking his time looking for a good side to threw a dangerous pass

6′  Benjamin TOTORI loses the ball inside Auckland Central’s box

3′ James NAKA shot alongside Auckland Central Fabrizio TAVANO

2′ Fabrizio TAVANO on the ground waiting for treatment

1’Western United playing free football flowing

1′ The match is underway with Western United City kick off

Match Officials
Referee: Norbert HAUATA (TAH)
Assistant Referee 1: Philippe REVEL (TAH)
Assistant Referee 2: Bertrand BRIAL (NCL)
Fourth Official: Kader ZITOUNI (TAH

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