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Western United 2-1 Malampa Revivors

Western United's Henry Faarodo. Image: OFC via Phototek

Western United have defeated Malampa Revivors 2-1 on the second day of action in Group C of the OFC Champions League.

Western United: 20. Anthony TALO (GK),  4. Cecil BURU, 5. Freddie KINI, 6. Matson FENI, 8. Henry FAARODO (C), 10. Atana FAARODO, 11. Joachim WAROI, 13. James NAKA, 14. Moffat KILIFA, 22. Joses NAWO, 23. Molis GAGAME.
Substitutes:  18. Nicholas TARAITO (RGK) 2. Aleck WICKHAM, 3. George KAKAI,  7. Paul WALE, 9. Benjamin TOTORI,  15. Brian PETER, 16. Gagame FENI,  19. Lenson BISILI.
Suspensions: 17. Nelson SALE.

Coach: Commins MENAPI (SOL)

Malampa Revivors: 20. Naruel MALIU (GK) 3. Ismael SAM, 4. Greg BANI, 5. Dondy KILETEIR,  8. John ALICK(C), 10. Ismael EDWARD, 11. Andre BATICK, 12. Marcelin PILOE, 16. Michael HURI, 17. Edwin BAI, 18. Pierre MALERE.
Substitutes: 1. Jimmy LUKAI (RGK), 2. Anthony MAAN, 6. Walla JACOM, 9. Esly JAPHET, 13. Pedro WIS, 15. Remy TIMAS, 21. Samuel WAMILY.

Coach: Percy AVOCK (VAN)

FULL TIME | Western United 2-1 Malampa Revivors 

90 + 2 Battling at Malampa Revivors Feni again attempting for a goal

90 + two minutes additional time

89′ Feni attempts for a goal but lands on MALIU gloves

88′ SUB MLP | Dondy KILETEIR is replaced by Pedro WIS 

86′ Long pass from FENI across side but ALICK sends it back centre field

84′ Naruel Maliu saved an attempt from Western United Paul Wale penalty

83′ YELLOW CARD:  Greg BANI  cautioned 

81′ SUB WST | Cecil BURU is replaced by Paul WALE 

78′ TOTOKI carrying the ball into Malampa Revivors box and send it to MALIU’s gloves

76′ SUB WST | Moffat KILIFA is replaced by Paul WALE 

75‘ GOAL!!! WST 2-1 MLP | Henry FA’ARADO sending the penalty 

75′ Penalty for Western United after a foul from Greg BANI in the box

73′ SUB MLP | Andre BATICK is replaced by Essy JAPHET

72′ NAWO looking for a ball carrier and sends if off to WAROI

70′ Western UNited backline passing through FENI but he got off with an offside

69′ BAI passing to BATICK but FENI attacks and sends the ball to the mid field

68′ Malampa Revivors backline coming back pressing for a goal

66′ BATICK pass to EDWARD but TALO saves it from the box

65′ Goalies are proving themselves from saving goals for both teams

64′ WAROI passes to FENI but Edwin BAI attacks and sends the ball out.

62′ Free kick to Malampa after a foul from Benjamin TOTORI just inside the Western half

62′ SUB WST | James NAKA is replaced by Gagamea FENI

60 YELLOW CARD:  Marcelin PILOE  cautioned 

58′ YELLOW CARD:  Jame NAKA cautioned for hard attack towards ALICK

57′ TOTORI carrying towards the Malampa Revivors box and attempting for a goal

55′ BATICK sending a long pass to Malamapa Revivors box, TALO sends it back to centre line

54′ Malampa Revivors Corner attempt for PILOE to send a goal

52′ GOAL!!! WST 1-1 MLP | John ALICK sinks the penalty kick to equalise

51′ YELLOW CARD:  Matson FENI cautioned, penalty awarded 

50′ James NAKA charges after a through ball but the offside call is given

47′ BAI attempts for a goal infront of TALO

47′ WAROI passing through BURU but Bani steals the ball and kicks to the sideline

46′ Second half underway with Western United kicking off

HALF TIME | Western United 1 –  0 Malampa Revivors 

45 + 1 TOTORI carrying the ball but KILETEIR steals and pass to HURI

43′ BATICK attacks the ball that award Malamapa with a corner

42 SUB WST | Henry FA’ARADO replaces by Benjamin TOTORI 

40′ BATICK missed his high shot in front of Western United box

39′ BATICK crosses through PILOE attempting for a goal

37′ KILIFA attempts for a goal inside Malampa Revivors box, SAM steals the ball

35′ BURU giving a free ball to Sam of Western United

33′ BATIK runs through FENI but the Western United back-line was too strong to steal the ball

31’GAGAME passes to KILIFA but Malampa  BANI took the ball

29′ Free kick for Western United after a foul

28′ Western United back-line passing the ball looking for a ball carrier

27′ free kick for Malampa Revivors from a foul

25′ GOAL!! Western United 1-0 Malamapa Revivors | Joses NAWO attempted infront of Malampa Revivors box 

23′ NAKA sends a dangerous kick in Malampa Revivors box

22′ BANI passed to BAI but KINI attacks towards the side line.

20′ Another unsuccessful attempt from FA’ARADO inside Malampa Revivors box

19′ ALICK carryng the ball and passes to BATICK but  KILIFA steals the ball

16′ FA’ARODO heads the ball towards Malamapa Revivors backline

15′ KINI  passes to NAKA but Malampa REVIVORS defense came back in full force

14′  Kilifa cross for an attempt and land on MALIU head

13′ free kick for Western United just outside the box by FA’ARODO

12′ NAKA attempts for a but KILETEIR took the ball

10′ FA’ARODO long passes to BURU, backline passing free flowing football

9′ HURI carring ball towards sideline, KILIFA crossses over battling for the ball

8′ Second attempt for a goal by NAKA

8′ FA’ARODO sents a kick to the box

6′ NAKA carries the ball to GAGAME threw a dangerous shoot

5′ Goal kick awards to Malampa Revivors, BATICK passes back to their goalie  MALIU

4′ Henry FA’ARODO long pass to KINI for a corner kick

4′ Malampa Revivors carrying towards the Western United score line

3′ Throw in from Western United team, Moffat KILIFA crossed the offside

1′ Malampa Rivers gave a free ball for Wester United backline

1′ The match is underway with Malampa Revivors  kicking off

Match Officials
Referee: Rakesh CHANDRA (FIJ)
Assistant Referee 1: Avinesh NARAYAN (FIJ)
Assistant Referee 2: Philippe REVEL (TAH)
Fourth Official: Norbert HAUATA (TAH)

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