New Zealand are OFC U-20 Champions after beating Vanuatu 5-0 in the OFC U-20 Championship final at Port Vila Stadium. will be bringing you live text updates of this encounter, please refresh your browser for the latest.

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New Zealand: 1. Michael WOUD (GK), 2. Jack-Henry SINCLAIR, 3. Sean LIDDICOAT, 5. Hunter ASHWORTH, 6. Luke JOHNSON, 7. Logan ROGERSON, 8. Moses DYER, 9. Myer BEVAN, 10. Clayton LEWIS (C), 16. Joe BELL, 18. Reese COX
Substitutes: 11. Sarpreet SINGH, 12. Cameron BROWN (GK), 13. Charlie THOMAS, 14. Jake PORTER, 15. Lucas IMRIE,
Injured: 4. Nando PIJNAKER
Absent: 19. Joshua DIJKSTRA (GK)
Coach: Darren BAZELEY (NZL)

Vanuatu: 23. Willie DICK (GK), 3. Jason THOMAS, 6. Claude ARU, 7. Bong KALO (C), 8. Godine TENENE, 10. Ronaldo WILKINS, 12. Abednigo SAU, 13. Tasso JEFFERY, 14. Timothy BOULET, 17. Jayson TIMATUA, 19. Frederick MASSING,
Substitutes: 1. Andreas DUCH (GK), 2. Joseph IARUEL, 4. Selwyn VATU, 5. Jesse KALOPONG, 9. Sylvain WORWORBU, 11. Jonathan SPOKEYJACK, 15. Gregory PATRICK, 16. Harison MASSING, 18. Max UGUNA
Coach: Etienne MERMER (VAN)

Match Officials:
Referee: Kader ZITOUNI (TAH))
Assistant Referee 1: Avinesh NARAYAN (FIJ)
Assistant Referee 2: Folio MOEAKI (TGA)
Fourth Official: Mederic LACOUR (NCL)
Reserve Assistant Referee: John PAREANGA (COK)

FULL-TIME New Zealand are U-20 OFC Champions after beating Vanuatu 5-0 in the final

90′ Two minutes additional time

90′GOAL! New Zealand 5-0 Vanuatu A fifth goal for New Zealand as the Vanuatu defence start to feel the effects of the side being down to ten men

89′ Reese COX plays the ball upfield and it’s well brought down well

88′ GOAL! New Zealand 4-0 Vanuatu Lucas IMRIE slots home for New Zealand’s fourth

86′ SUB NZL Captain Clayton LEWIS comes out for Jake PORTER

85′ SUB VAN Double sub for VAN with JEFFERY out for Sylvain WORWORBU & Caluade ARU out for Gregory PATRICK

83′ SUB NZL Myer BEVAN makes room for Lucas IMRIE

77′ SUB NZL Joe BELL makes room for Sarpreet SINGH

76′ GOAL!!! New Zealand 3-0 Vanuatu BEVAN receives a great ball from DYER and neatly plays past Willie DICK

75′ ASHWORTH fouls THOMAS and ithe free kick taken by Claude ARU is almost intercepted by SINCLAIR

74′ Jason THOMAS has moved up front to support Bong KALO which is an interesting move by Vanuatu

73′ LEWIS and ROGERSON both running at VATU who still manages the clearance

72′ BEVAN is in on goal but DICK does just enough to put him off and send the ball over the cross bar

71′ Still 20 minutes left in this match and it’s set to be 20 long ones for Vanautu who now find themselves a player down

70′ RED CARD Frederick MASSING’s tournament is over after he receives a red card

69′ Silly from the Vanuatu defender who lashes out at BEVAN in teh corner – this could be bad for Vanuatu

68′ Myer BEVAN causing trouble up front for New Zealand

67’SUB VAN Abednigo SAU is replaced by Selwyn VATU

66′ Jason THOMAS does well to head away the set piece delivery from Joe BELL

65′ ASHWORTH goes down in the area and it causes a stir which is well controlled by referee Kader ZITOUNI of Tahiti

64′ ROGERSON on the goalline tries to play straight across to JOHNSON and it;s blocked out for a corner

62′ YELLOW CARD Reese COX is cautioned for a late challenge on Abednigo SAU

60′ ASHWORTH is down but the free kick goes against him

59′ SAU puts pressure on the backline and it’s eventually cleared by ASHWORTH

57′ YELLOW CARD Tasso JEFFERY is cautioned for a foul in his own area but it’s still a free kick for Vanuatu

56′ Joe BELL is downed in a challenge and can’t finish

54′ SINCLAIR intercepts and tries to pop it over for ROGERSON, DICK comes off the line to take

53′ No real threat as WOUD claims the ball

53′ Vanuatu have a corner after they put enough pressure on the backline to force an error

52′ Abednigo SAU is quicker than LIDDICOAT and collects on the right, he holds the ball well but the final pass is poor

50′ Somehow the ball doesn’t make it into the back of the Vanuatu net after that scramble in the area

48′ ROGERSON chases a long ball but can’t keep it in and it’s a goal kick

48′ WOUD saves as KALO bears down on him in the box

47′ WILKINS requires some treatment after that challenge and the game restarts while he receives treatment on the sideline

46′ Back underway and there’s an early foul from ROGERSON here

HALF-TIME | New Zealand leading Vanuatu 2-0 at the break

45’+1′ WOUD has to scramble as he clashes with LIDDICOAT trying to clear a Vanuatu free kick

45′ One minute additional time

45′ Bit of a shove in the air from Luke JOHNSON on TENENE

44′ The passing is sound from Vanuatu at the back as New Zealand decide to sit back but as they move up the park they start to lose control

42′ DICK comes out of his area to boot clear the through ball from LEWIS as ROGERSON closes in

41′ ROGERSON doesn’t agree with the assistant’s offside call

39′ WOUD under pressure as he recieves a pass back, he clears 5m to Bong KALO but the captain sends his shot over the empty goal

38′ Free kick for Vanuatu just inside their opponent’s half and Jason THOMAS sends it too long

37′ BEVAN combines with ROGERSON on the top of the area but the defence does enough to interrupt

34′ GOAL!!! New Zealand 2-0 Vanuatu Myer BEVAN’s shot comes back into play off the upright and Moses DYER is there to finish

33′ LIDDICOAT gives the ball to TIMATUA and Vanuatu try to build seomthing

30′ Chance for Vanuatu but it’s fluffed in front of goal allowing WOUD to smother

29′ YELLOW CARD Ronaldo WILKINS is cautioned for a challenge on Jack-Henry SINCLAIR deep in the NZ orner

28′ New Zealand give away possession in the centre of the park and Vanuatu are on attack

26′ DICK with a save as Myer BEVAN. ROGERSON and Luke JOHNSON put pressure on the area

23′ Powerful cross from Godine TENENE for Abednigo SAU waiting in front of goal but it’s caught by WOUD

21′ WILKINS beats Sean LIDDICOAT in the penalty area with some quick feet and blasts just over the goal

18′ ROGERSON beats JEFFERY up the left and Vanuatu are fortunate when Claude ARU comes on to put the ball out for a corner

17′ Excellent cross from ROGERSON who is almost unchallenged up the right and DYER just misses the connection

16′ Chance for LEWIS who has a powerful shot tipped over the crossbar by DICK

15′ DYER receives in the middle and plays it off Jayson TIMATUA for a throw

14′ Moses DYER is spoken to after a physical challenge on Frederick MASSING

13′ GOAL!!! New Zealand 1-0 Vanuatu Hunter ASHWORTH finishes at the post with a nice tap in

12′ Ball comes to Hunter AHSWORTH at the far post but the flag is up for offside

11′ Ronaldo WILKINS keeps Jack-Henry SINCLAIR on his toes but Bong KALO can’t get to the pass

10′ Clayton LEWIS with a cros but he can’t get anyone to finish it at the far post

9′ Save from Willie DICK as New Zealadn attack but he’s carried it out for a corner

6′ Big ball over the top by Tasso JEFFERY is collected at the top of the box uncontested by Michael WOUD

5′ Vanuatu get the ball up the New Zealand end but the shot lacks the power to test the defence

3′ An early chance for New Zealand with Willie DICK making a save on the initial shot from ROGERSON and Moses DYER’s effort just going around the goal

2′ Big challenge from Timothy BOULET on Logan ROGERSON gives New Zealand a free kick

2′ Hunter ASHWORTH heads upfield

1′ Myer BEVAN gives away possession early as he fouls Jayson TIMATUA

1′ Underway in the final between New Zealand and Vanuatu!

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