The Oceania Football Confederation is welcoming discussions initiated by FIFA, regarding its participation in the consultation process around the review and development of a new women’s and men’s FIFA International Match Calendar.  

Discussions come ahead of the existing women’s FIFA International Match Calendar ending in 2023 and the existing men’s FIFA International Match Calendar ending in 2024.  

Taking part in the process of creating completely new International Match Calendars will enable OFC to analyse impact on football and player development and how it provides a competitive environment for our national teams, and domestic and regional competitions. 

The vision and mandate of OFC remains to qualify two teams for the FIFA World Cup 2026 and 2027 and aligning with the FIFA consultation process will help bridge the gap of competitive football between Oceania and fellow Confederations. 

The impact of COVID-19 is unique in Oceania and countries are still facing strict border restrictions. While football development and competitions have continued at a local level, the development focus is to have our players gain more experience on the world stage.   

OFC look forward to a united approach with other Confederations as we work closely with FIFA on this process, which will not only benefit the football community in Oceania but around the world. 

OFC will meet with FIFA next week.