The Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) hosted an extensive webinar highlighting the recently launched FIFA Guide to Club Licensing in Women’s Football this week.

FIFA’s Professional Football and Women’s Football Department Advisor Andres Portabella presented the informative session on Thursday, June 2.

The event was made available to OFC’s 11 Member Associations and two Associate Members, as well other interested participants, via the OFC Learn online platform.

“Working together with OFC is an absolute pleasure for me,” said Andres Portabella.

“Webinars like this one are so important for the football industry to share ideas and knowledge.”

The new specific Club Licensing guide for women’s football was launched by FIFA in April as a means of providing MAs with the simplified steps necessary to establish and maintain a successful Club Licensing system.

Portabella is hopeful the new guide can have a significant impact across the OFC’s members.

“To have the opportunity to present our latest guide at FIFA to all Member Associations in Oceania was fantastic,” he said.

“I hope this tool can assist everyone who is looking to set up and implement Club Licensing in Women’s Football.”

As evidenced by the excitement surrounding the upcoming OFC Women’s Nations Cup 2022 in Fiji and the continued establishment of premier women’s football competitions across the region, including those recently developed in the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea, women’s football is continuing to grow across the region and remains one of OFC’s core objectives.

Accelerating the growth of women’s football is also a pillar of FIFA’s The Vision 2020-23, overlapping with OFC’s ALL IN: OFC Women’s Football Strategy 2027, which aims to increase the development, growth, sustainability and professionalisation of women’s football in Oceania.

Club Licensing is just one tool which can be utilised toward achieving those aims. Giving MA’s across Oceania the opportunity to engage with a FIFA advisor on the topic is seen as a major boost.

“Through the ALL IN Strategy, OFC are aiming to increase the strength and sustainability of women’s football and have committed to improving standards and access to club football for female players across Oceania,” said OFC Women’s Football Manager Emma Evans.

“Club Licensing will play a key role in achieving this, and we are excited to provide OFC MA’s the opportunity to engage with Andres Portabella, a global expert in Club Licensing, to ensure we are moving in the right direction.”

As a follow-up workshop, OFC will once again be hosting the popular OFC Introduction to Club Management Online on Wednesday, June 8 from 5pm–7pm NZT.

This is delivered through OFC Learn and is available in both English and French. This workshop is ideal for club managers, administrators and those interested in developing their club on and off the field.

To declare an interest in this event, please contact OFC Clubs and Leagues Manager Steven Dillon at [email protected].