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OFC would like to announce an exciting opportunity to partner with us as we open for tender our livestreaming, data, media and betting rights. As part of OFC’s Strategy 2023 – 2026, further strides have been taken to ensure football and our Member Associations are at the heart of all we do.

Three key strategic focus areas were shaped: Development, Education and High Performance, with the goal to increase and improve OFC representation and performance in international competitions.

OFC also strives to leave a legacy in football through education and capability building that meets the needs of individuals and stakeholders and grows the game while providing positive experiences for all involved.

The purpose of this tender is to deliver an easily accessible platform to watch LIVE Oceania football across all OFC Competitions* for 2023, 2024 and 2025. We are committed to maximising the exposure of Oceania football world-wide and significantly amplify and expand revenue opportunities and partnerships with media, betting, and data rights.

To achieve this OFC is soliciting proposals from potential partners for:

Livestreaming and on-demand platform

A user friendly and easily accessible service provided to OFC to broadcast content for all OFC Competition matches and highlights videos.

Data Rights

Data rights refers to all data including metadata related to OFC Competitions that are collected at venues or remotely from produced streams.

Media Rights

Media content rights will be offered on a platform neutral basis for Club, National and Youth Competitions. Such an approach will mean that successful bidders can exploit rights across all media platforms including television, internet and mobile on a linear and on-demand basis.

The platform neutral approach is aimed at ensuring maximum exposure while providing partners with programme flexibility in parallel.

Betting Rights

Betting rights will be offered only for Club and National Senior Competitions and will be limited to territories that permit lawful sports betting.


We welcome all interested parties to apply through the below tender link

Submissions of interest


* OFC Competitions exclude any OFC Professional Club Competitions or FIFA Competitions.