(Photo Credit OFC Media via Phototek)

The Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) has launched a tender to secure an apparel and equipment partner that will help meet OFC’s strategic focus to grow the game and provide positive experiences for all involved.

OFC’s reach has expanded by 220% in viewership over the past four years and in 2022 with only six months of competitions we accumulated 1.4 million unique views and an astounding growth in engagement of 1.9 million.

“This is a new step for OFC in seeking out partnerships. We are striving to increase our brand association and find a top tier apparel and equipment partner to take us through the next four years.” said OFC Secretary General Franck Castillo.

As an OFC Partner, the successful party will have commercial partnership rights at all OFC Competitions, Football Development, Education & High Performance, Refereeing, Social Responsibility Programmes for a four-year period 2024 – 2027. This includes:

  1. Exclusive Apparel and Equipment rights
  2. Branding and signage opportunities around the field, accreditation, media backdrop, pullup banners, flyers/posters and any other branding/signage opportunities pertaining to OFC activities.
  3. Ball rights for 2025 – 2027 (see Commercial Partnership requirements)
  4. Coverage of the brand at all OFC Competitions in the 1 minute of the team walk out (Camera zooms into ball on the podium, team walks out, referee picks up ball)
  5. Advertising opportunities on OFC Livestreamed competitions and events.
  6. Brand association on radio mentions and radio advertisements.
  7. Announcer mentions on the ground at each competition.
  8. Digital, Website and Social Media Presence on all OFC owned channels.
  9. Logo/brand presence on all OFC media releases.

To apply click the following link:

Oceania Football Confederation – Current Tenders (tenderlink.com)