Last week saw the OFC Operations Division congregate at The Home Of Football in Auckland for a productive workshop, held over two days. The focus was on three performance building blocks that were identified as priorities in 2023:

  • Effective processes and policies
  • Common purpose and goals
  • Positive environment

The two days saw OFC staff engage in team building, feedback and learning sessions, which all provided smiles and important lessons. The goal was to examine divisional purpose as collectively defined during the workshop, and to best service, build, promote and develop football in Oceania on and off the pitch.

Key areas that were discussed included the importance of diversity and how it can benefit OFC as an organisation. Collaboration between different departments and our Member Associations was also seen as an area to work hard on, while creating a safe environment in which speaking up and not being afraid to make mistakes was something that should be strived for.

The workshop was built around OFC’s key pillars of Excellence, Passion and Integrity. Strong themes of understanding these concepts in different contexts, improving processes and applying moral ethics were explored, which made for positive outcomes for the group.

There were also lighter moments, a group video exercise not only informed staff of each others’ roles and responsibilities but also got a lot of laughs.

The information gathered will be consolidated by OFC’s divisional heads and implemented throughout the year, with a second workshop planned for the second business quarter.