Oceania Football Confederation is delighted to announce a three-year partnership with Score Sportswear Limited (SSL).   

To support the growth of football in the Oceania region, SSL has committed to delivering a package that involves sponsorship, provision of virtual services in the areas of digital marketing and creative design and support to the OFC Ambassador Programme.   

The partnership also includes the supply of Lotto branded gear, football equipment, staff sporting apparel and footwear  

OFC General Secretary Franck Castillo said he was pleased with the value of partnership for both parties.  

“With the reputation SSL has in football in the Pacific, we are thrilled by their support as we work to showcase our game at the highest level,” he said.   

“The partnership between us and SSL is mutually beneficial with an overall goal to grow the game of football in our region.”  

SSL are a registered company in New Zealand, and since 1993 has had the New Zealand and Pacific Islands license to the Lotto brand as one of the premier football brands nationally.  

The company pride themselves on dynamism, innovation, quality, Italian design, passion, and an effective customer services programme.  

SSL Managing Director Tim Connolly said the partnership between SSL and OFC is an important agreement for the Lotto brand.  

“Lotto’s heritage is football, and the brand has been present in the Pacific for 30 years,” he said.  

“We have seen OFC’s newfocus of building and promoting football at all levelsof the Oceania region.  

“It is refreshing and aligns with a football brand partner like Lottoto help achieve this expansion which is exciting.   

“We look forward to working with the OFC team and all Member Associations on this new partnership.”