Oceania Football Confederation can confirm that Lupe ole Soaga SC is considered withdrawn from OFC Champions League 2023.

The Group A match between Lupe ole Soaga SC (Lupe) and Auckland City FC (Auckland City) scheduled to be played at 12.00pm (Vanuatu time) on 20 May 2023, in Luganville did not take place.

Lupe was unable to fulfill the requirements of the competition Regulations.

On that basis, OFC determined that under the competition Regulations, in particular article 8.1, Lupe ole Soaga SC are withdrawn from OFC Champions League 2023.

Lupe ole Soaga SC will have all its matches cancelled and considered null and void. OFC will award victory and the resultant three points to the opposing Team as well as the score of 3-0.

Following this decision, Lupe ole Soaga SC have been referred to the OFC Disciplinary and Ethics Committee.