OFC’s Just Play and This Is How We Football programme facilitators from across the region have completed an invigorating Training of Trainers Workshop in Lautoka, Fiji.

Hosted by the OFC Social Responsibility in partnership with UN Women, the regional workshop was held to capacity-build our facilitators in the new thematic areas and curriculum, and further grow their knowledge and understanding of the programme and their roles as facilitators. 

During the 5-day workshop, the instructors from Fiji, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Tonga attended a valuable Gender Sensitisation course delivered alongside UN Women. 

The Gender workshop helped the participants to unpack, unlearn and re-learn topics such as gender and violence against women and in sport and left a lasting impression, leaving many with a newfound perspective on the meaning of Gender. 

” The biggest impact I learned was gender expression. Initially, when I heard the word gender, I was thinking generally what affects men and women.” Reflected Solomon Islands Just Play Co-ordinator Gabriel Riotarau. 

“But now I learn gender expression is when a person expresses themselves to the type of gender, they wish to belong to.” He added. 

These learnings are set to make a positive community impact through the delivery of the Just Play and This Is How We Football programmes. 

“Children will learn how to freely express themselves as a person. Sometimes we think boys play a boy’s role and girls play a girl’s role, but it is important to teach them that they have the freedom to express themselves especially to help promote gender equality.” Social Responsibility Programme Officer, Matelita Vuakoso said. 

Following the Gender Sensitisation workshop the participants dove deeper into the new Gender Equality curriculum and into issues that affect children in their daily lives such as Respect, Awareness, Communication, Menstrual Health, and Resilience. 

Participants were also provided with the opportunity to facilitate a session on a topic to help them learn and grow from each other with different delivery methods, interactive activities, and information. 

The Training of Trainer workshop contributes to OFC’s Pacific Legacy plan of building a stronger Oceania by creating viable pathways through football and enhancing the capacity and capability throughout the region. 

The delivery of the Just Play programme and This Is How We Football programme is made possible due to long-standing partnerships with Australian Aid through the Team Up Programme, the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the UEFA Foundation for Children.