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Richard Sele in form for AS Magenta

New Caledonia international Richard Sele has had been in stunning form for AS Magenta in Group D of the 2019 OFC Champions League.

Sele scored three-in-two matches for AS Magenta heading into the final group match against Tupapa Maraerenga.

“It made me very happy to score the first goal for us because we wanted to win this game and it made the whole team and the staff very happy,” he said.

The forward has huge European football experience and he is beginning to show his worth in the Oceania region this season.

“I already played at a high level, I played in France for eight years. I came back to New Caledonia, but didn’t play for a year until Magenta called me to join them and that’s when I started to play the O-League. I didn’t know it before, last year was the first year and we didn’t qualify but this year I’m trying to improve the level of my game and I think I can do more. I’m trying to show the team that we can go really far with the experience I gained in France.

“I have experience from France and with this team I’m trying to take myself to a higher level and encourage the team to follow me. I’m always trying to show my teammates that I’m here and I can do more, I can help us go further with more wins to come.”

Sele is confident his team will score more goals in the final group match to secure a spot in the last eight.

“We’ll be continuing as we started, we need to win, we have to give our all and maybe even score more goals than the other teams have already scored. We’ll see how it goes on Saturday but already, to ultimately we want to win the match to qualify for the quarter finals.

“Best moment for me this year was the victory yesterday(Wednesday). It was a massive achievement for the team and,” he added



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