England international Alex Scott has left Port Moresby locals inspired after attending the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup on behalf of FIFA for the #ENDViolence campaign early this week.

Joined by the PNG U-20 national team, Scott made a special visit to two Port Moresby schools on Tuesday to promote the #ENDViolence message – a campaign focused on ending violence towards women and children.

“It is a passion of mine to do things like this and be able to go into schools and talk and inspire,” Scott said.

“But it is not just about me. Yes, I’m a FIFA ambassador and it is great to be here, but it is also about the PNG girls. When the tournament is finished and we all go home, these girls need to step up and be the role-models and continue the fight against violence in this country.”

The three-time FIFA Women’s World Cup™ participant had plenty of words of inspiration for the attentive youngsters.

“PNG should be proud of this team with the excitement they had (on Sunday) after scoring a goal,” she said.

“My message to PNG is to believe and have confidence in yourself.”

Making the most of her short stay, Scott also joined hundreds of boy and girls in the ‘Walk of Life’ to mark Universal Children’s Day and the 70th anniversary of UNICEF over the weekend.

Launched by Port Moresby City Governor Powes Parkop to coincide with the FIFA U-20 World Cup, the health initiative has been attended by hundreds at 5am every Sunday in Port Moresby for several months.

“My wish is for a healthy and safe city. Dear parents, look out for your children; after all, they are our future,” Parkop said.

Scott also visited the city Town Hall and met Parkop and the National Capital District to support the #sanapwantaim campaign. The campaign, SANAP WANTAIM – STAND TOGETHER, seeks to bring men and women, boys and girls, as allies and partners in making the city of Port Moresby safe for everyone.

With the final days of the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup approaching, Scott hopes to see the development of social initiatives continue in Papua New Guinea long after the tournament concludes.

“As I told the girls (PNG players), they need to carry on and continue this fight,” she said.

“They are now role-models and grown in confidence, and they now need to show the other generations coming through about what they can achieve. It is about leaving a legacy.

“I have been fortunate enough to do a lot of things through playing football, but this has been an amazing four days that I will always remember.”