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Second semi spot still up for grabs

The second spot in the semi-finals from Group B is still up for grabs. Credit: OFC via Phototek

Tahiti are comfortably through to the semi-finals of the OFC U-16 Championship, but there remains a chance for Fiji, New Caledonia and Samoa to steal that second spot with a result in their final Group B match.

 When Fiji and New Caledonia meet in Sunday’s opening encounter expect an exciting encounter with both teams needing three points from the match if they are to keep their hopes of continuing in the competition alive.

New Caledonia were left hugely disappointed by their 1-1 draw with Samoa after being unable to break down the organised full-team defensive block the Qualifier winners adopted.

In addition, the frustration at being unable to find the back of the net themselves left them vulnerable to counter attacks which is exactly the weakness that Samoa exploited.

Coach Leon Waitronyie said the opportunities were there for his side but they just weren’t accurate enough – something they absolutely need to improve on for Fiji.

“We really have to win if we want to make the semi-finals,” he said.

“The problem is that we’ll have to use all our resources to get it and if we happen to progress, it could then cost us in the semi-finals.”

Waitronyie had been counting on a result against Samoa that would at least allow them a certain level of comfort going into the final group game.

“We had hoped to win our second match to be a bit more comfortable, to work serenely for the match against Fiji,” he explained.

“Now it’s no longer goal difference, it’s win however possible and that’s it.”

In their own second match Fiji looked organised, controlled and in a good position to take it to Tahiti.

However one defensive lapse allowed their opponents to take the lead and then it was downhill for the Fijians from there as Tahiti started to dominate and eventually buried the match with two further goals.

While Fiji can get away with a draw against New Caledonia to progress, they’ll still be aiming for victory with anything less having the potential to open them up for trouble.

Coach Yogendra Dutt said New Caledonia will be as difficult an opponent as Tahiti was.

“We know what we would like to happen in that game but New Caledonia will also be a strong team,” he said.

In the final group match of the tournament Group B leaders Tahiti will play Samoa, another side who has one last chance to show their potential here in Honiara.

Knowing the qualities of New Caledonia, coach Martin Tamasese’s approach was to defend deep and then throw his best attackers – Jarvis Filimalale, Lotial Mano and Kawasaki Soafaiga – at the counter attack.

It’s a tactic that paid off as the defensive block frustrated their opponent and left them vulnerable on the turnover.

Tamasese approaches each match as required and it’s possible he’ll take a similar approach with Tahiti.

“We adjust and change the game plan for each of our matches here. Our plan was to defend and when we get the ball, counter attack.

“I know Tahiti are a good team, but I’m confident as well that my boys can handle it and give them a battle.”

For Hermann Aurentz each match has had positives and negatives, but overall he’s happy his side has earned two results which have left them comfortable going into the final group game.

“We’ll play our game which is what we’ve done since the first match,” Aurentz said.

“The staff and team prepare well for each adversary we’re about to face and we’ll try to give everyone in the team a run.

“We’ll try and take the three points so we can build our confidence ahead of the semi-finals.”

Additional Information

Fiji vs. New Caledonia
Sunday 16 September
Lawson Tama Stadium
Honiara, Solomon Islands
KO: 10:00 local (10h NCL / 11 FIJ / 12h SAM / Wednesday 12 September 13h TAH)

Click here for live streaming

Match Officials

Referee: David YAREBOINEN
Assistant Referee 1: Jeremy GARAE (VAN)
Assistant Referee 2: Denson SALE (VAN)
Fourth Official: George TIME (SOL)

Fiji: 1. Isikeli SEVANAIA (GK), 2. Rahul NARESH, 3. Inoke TURAGALAILAI, 4. Peceli SUKABULA, 5. Isikeli TOVILO, 6. Thomas DUNN, 7. Melvin MANI, 8. Abhishek PRASAD, 9. Eshan KUMAR, 10. Josaia SELA, 11. Nikhi PILLAY, 12. Clarence HUSSAIN, 13. Mohammed ISHRAT, 14. Mohammed NABEEL, 15. Kunaal NAND, 16. Netani SULUKA, 17. Joji NAQAQALIVA, 18. Samuela NAVOCE, 19. Rohan NATH, 20. Aminio TUILEVU (GK)

Coach: Yogendra DUTT (FIJ)

New Caledonia: 1. Raumuald DALMAS (GK), 2. Tyeou BOANO, 4. Isaac SIMANE, 5. Brice WATRONE, 6. Ruben KUTRAN, 7. Boris IHAGE, 8. Paul XALITE, 9. Luc POUGIN, 10. Claude FOREST, 11. Enzo LEDIEU, 12. Deo BOUANOU, 13. Enzo KECINE, 14. Paul JONE, 15. Claude WADELA, 16. David POUYA, 17. William READ, 18. Christopher TIHOPU, 19. Andre MATHA, 20. Enzo TOEGINO (GK), 21. Tue WAZIARIMA


Tahiti vs. Samoa
Sunday 16 September
Lawson Tama Stadium
KO: 15:00 local (15h NCL / 16h FIJ / 17h SAM / Saturday 15 September 18h TAH)

Click here for live streaming 

Match Officials
Referee: Joel HOPKEN (VAN)
Assistant Referee 1: Jeffery SOLODIA (SOL)
Assistant Referee 2: Gareth SHEEHAN (NZL)
Fourth Official: Hamilton SIAU (SOL)

Tahiti: 1. Josselin CAPEL (GK), 2. Matatini VERNAUDON, 3. Noah AUSSILLOUS, 4. Manatini SIENNE, 5. Manuarii VAHIRUA, 6. Sofiene BOUKROUMA, 7. Jason JONES, 9. Tehotu GITTON, 10. Tehauarii HOLOZET, 11. Clement TEHAHE, 13. Denji KAIHA, 14. Ariiura LABASTE, 15. Takai SCHMIT, 16. Terainui TETUANUI (GK), 17. Heihau HANERE, 18. Jeff HEUEA, 19. Keanu VERNAUDON
Suspended: 8. Tekaki SANGUE

Coach: Hermann AURENTZ (TAH)

Samoa: 1. Semu FAIMATA (GK), 2. Eli SATUALA, 3. Posiano FUATOGI, 4. Tavita TO’O, 5. Fetuao BELCHER, 6. Kawasaki SAOFAIGA, 7. Lotial MANO, 8. Bitner TAFILI, 9. Falaniko NANUMEA, 10. John TUMUA LEO, 11. Jarvis FILIMALAE, 12. Tony AMITUANAI, 13. Jenson FA’AFUA, 14. Isaako SIONE, 15. Alex FALELUA, 16. Denny CHESHIRE, 17. Alman KWAN, 18. Michael LEAUTUTU, 19. Stanley LEAVAI, 21. Steve ALAN VAINALEPU

Coach: Martin TAMASESE (SAM)

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