Women’s football development continues in Tahiti with Animatrice Fédérale workshops returning to local clubs in March this year.

Delivered by the Fédération Tahitienne de Football (FTF), Animatrice Fédérale aims to teach girls, women and men how to best support women’s football in Tahiti.

The workshop focuses on key areas such as development, while learning the value of women in football and the career pathways on offer for players, coaches and administrators.

As part of Tahiti’s Women’s Football Strategy, the course was created in 2021 and was initially set to be held at FTF’s headquarters, but the Federation decided to travel out to clubs to remove any barriers to attendance and encourage more participants.

Last year the Federation held two courses in the north island of Tahiti and Moorea Island.

This year two courses have been delivered so far in Toahotu, which saw 25 people take part. The most recent workshop in April on Raiatea Island saw 32 participants in total.

FTF Women’s Football Development Manager Stéphanie Spielmann said the turnout and level of interest has been impressive.

“Each course we complete reminds us how important it is for us to travel out to and deliver in our clubs,” Spielmann said.

“Some people don’t have cars, others are wives and mothers, so removing this barrier makes it easier for them to attend. It’s also been great to see them in their own environments.

“Following on from each event I want to see more women involved in the clubs and football overall and lastly I want them to feel proud about themselves.”