FIFA Development

FIFA Development

The FIFA Development Office for Oceania, which is based next to OFC headquarters in Auckland, works closely with the Confederation to ensure the continued development of football in the region.

Former FIFA Development Officer Glenn Turner and his assistant Lyn Shirley  were influential in managing key projects to build infrastructure and improve technical capabilities of each Member Association for many years. Turner retired in 2015 with Sean Easthope stepping into the role.

Easthope spent just over as FIFA Development Officer before a restructure in early 2017 led to the closure of the office based in Auckland.

FIFA Goal Programme

The FIFA Development Office was charged with managing and implementing FIFA’s hugely successful Goal Programme which promoted the independence and professionalisation of Member Associations through the construction of a “home of football”.

The Goal Programme provided associations with tailor-made projects, such as the construction of association headquarters, technical centres, natural and artificial turf pitches and football schools. Where possible, projects were carried out in collaboration with the confederation and government authorities. Since 2000 the FIFA Development Office for Oceania had implemented over 30 projects (Goal I, II and III) with all 11 Member Associations completing or currently implementing a Goal I project at least. Additionally, three Member Associations were allocated a Goal Project for the development of talented youth players. To go the FIFA website and find out more click here

Financial Assistance Programme

The FIFA Development Office was also responsible for managing FIFA’s Financial Assistance Programme (FAP). Through the programme, FIFA made funds available to confederations and Member Associations to assist with long-term development projects. The primary focus was on assisting Member Associations from a technical and administrative perspective. These initiatives advocated the principles of accountability and good governance in financial matters. FAP investment also covered the promotion of women’s and girl’s football by means of long term development. To go the FIFA website and find out more click here


In conjunction with OFC, the FIFA Development Office organised a range of courses to educate and train instructors, coaches, referees, medical personnel and various others involved in the game.

The Com-Unity Course Programme aimed to raise awareness of the value football can have in a country by improving levels of cooperation between all parties.

FUTURO courses focused on the education of member association instructors in the topics of coaching, refereeing, administration and management and sports medicine. Participants in this programme were expected to be actively teaching in their member associations, both before and after the course.

The Member Association Course Programme provideed member associations with a limited number of FIFA-run educational courses in the areas of coaching, refereeing, women’s football, futsal, administrative and medical matters.

General View during the FIFA OFC Development Seminar, Rendevouz Hotel, Auckland, Saturday 14 September 2013. Photo: Simon Watts/