OFC provides a range of programmes to encourage and facilitate the participation of girls and women in football.

The programmes have been designed to inspire the continuous development of girls in the region, through their first contact with football through the Just Play and Football Festivals for children aged 6-12 years.

Designed in conjunction with the OFC Social Responsibility Department, the programmes provide children with the opportunity to experience regular, organised football activities, enabling them to establish the foundation for a healthy lifestyle and gain positive personal experiences while developing their football skills.

All activities should look like football
The children need to experience both training and ‘game days’
Everyone should have an equal opportunity to participate
The focus is developing individuals rather than building a team
The activities should emphasise fun, playfulness and skill development

All activities are conducted with certified coaches and/or game day leaders.

The programmes include

Girls Football Festival packs
Football Development Centres
Centres of Excellence
OFC Skills Challenge Awards