Sammy Mataroa CIFA

The Cook Islands Football Association (CIFA) has announced a strategic partnership with International Football Consultancy, a leading scouting and recruitment agency in the football world. This partnership aims to revolutionise the landscape of Cook Islands football by launching a comprehensive global scouting and recruitment strategy. This will focus on discovering eligible national team players while bridging the gap with neighboring countries within the Oceania region.

This ambitious initiative comes at a critical time for Cook Islands football. To compete at a higher level and to elevate the status of the national team, CIFA recognises that it must tap into a larger pool of talent. The International Football Consultancy boasts a wide network of contacts in the world of football, and their expertise will be invaluable in seeking out talented individuals who have the potential to take Cook Islands football to new heights.

Alastair Mclae and Russ Gurr, two experienced scouts from the International Football Consultancy, have been entrusted with the task. They will collaborate closely with CIFA to identify potential candidates who can make a lasting impact on Cook Islands football. This collaboration will also involve working with local clubs and organisations on talent development initiatives, ensuring that youths in the Cook Islands receive proper support and training opportunities in their pursuit of a career in football.

This partnership seeks to promote regional integration within Oceania’s football scene. By strengthening ties with neighboring countries, CIFA aims to create an environment wherein knowledge sharing, resource allocation, and friendly competition can foster collective growth and development among all nations involved. This exciting new initiative will complement the already well established CIFA national academies that are taking place on the main island of Rarotonga, with the aim of accelerating the best local talent.

This collaboration between CIFA and the International Football Consultancy marks an exciting new era for Cook Islands football. As the partnership unfolds, we may witness a new generation of gifted footballers who are ready to put the Cook Islands on the map and make their nation proud.