U-19 women hit half-way mark

Samoa are keen for more celebrations as they head into the third day of OFC U-19 Women's Championship action. Credit: OFC via Phototek

An important day of action awaits the six participating teams tomorrow as the OFC U-19 Women’s Championship hits the half-way mark at Ngahue Reserve in Auckland, New Zealand.

Papua New Guinea turned their fortunes around with an inspired performance against New Caledonia and will be hoping that luck continues into their match with Tonga. New Caledonia will need to pick themselves up from that loss to Papua New Guinea when they meet New Zealand in the second encounter, but a much inspired performance will be required against the goal-hungry Kiwis.

Finally Samoa take on Fiji at 3pm in what is expected to be a physical encounter between the two sides as they both gun for victory.

Despite a tidy first half performance against New Zealand in their opening match, Papua New Guinea were undone by their experienced opponents, however showed incredibly resilience when they bounced back to secure a 7-0 victory in their second match.

Coach Rachel Wadunah said the result was a response to minor adjustments they made between the two matches.

“In our first game against New Zealand, we sat deep and were more defensive but with this game against New Caledonia, we pressed very high and had chances to convert those attacking moments into goals.”

Wadunah expects to take a similar approach against Tonga, aware that scoring goals will be key to her side moving higher up the table.

For Tonga, after a confidence-boosting draw against Samoa, and some positive football, Christian Koneti is certain the team provide a good challenge for Papua New Guinea.

However he’s aware that the Melanesians have taken two different approaches to their games so far, and knows either approach will be difficult for his side to contain.

“Of course the result against New Caledonia has me worried. The way they played was totally different to their first game so we had better step up a notch,” he said.

Coming off the back of a heavy defeat, New Caledonia will have spent the past two days working on what went wrong, and how they can fix it ahead of a clash against the defending champions.

Coach Kamali Fitialeata found his side to be unrecognisable to what he has seen day-in, day-out in training over the past few weeks.

“We weren’t good enough at all on Friday,” he said. “I found that we just didn’t play.”

Whether he can help the side to make the necessary adjustments remains to be seen, and his biggest challenge is whether it will be enough to keep the Kiwis in check.

New Zealand continue to play with determination and drive, and despite some decent victories so far coach Gareth Turnbull believes there is still more to work on.

“We’ll focus on us, it will probably be more of the same but probably an area we do need to tweak is our decision-making in the final third,” he said.

So depending if they press us or hold back, we need to be smarter with the type of execution we’re taking.”

Both Fiji and Samoa were treated to mixed results on Friday.

Samoa played well in very trying conditions against Tonga to secure their first points of the tournament with a 1-1 draw.

The Samoan side has been impressive in each of their matches so far, with excellent structure and attacking prowess showing off some real talent.

However they’ve been unable to turn some dominant displays into winning results, something coach Martin Tamasese hopes will change against Fiji.

“I’ve seen Fiji, the way they play, and we’re going to work with the girls and help them adjust ready for Monday.”

For Fiji coach Saroj Kumar, playing New Zealand in the unfamiliar conditions was tough going and despite the side’s efforts they found their opponent to be too good.

Going into the encounter against Samoa he believes is an opportunity for redemption for the players, who he knows are keen to get back to winning.

“We are confident enough that we will go ahead with what we planned to come here for. If we cannot be the best, we can be the second best.”

Weighing in the backs of the Fijian minds however, will be the loss of goalkeeper Francine Lockington who passed away in Fiji on Saturday.

The OFC U-17 Women’s Championship 2017 Golden Glove winner had been in camp with the team leading up to the competition before she was forced to withdraw.


Extra Information:

Papua New Guinea vs. Tonga 
Ngahue Reserve
Auckland, New Zealand
Monday 17 July
Kick-off: 10h00

Referee: Nadia BROWNING (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1: Maria SALAMASINA (SAM)
Assistant Referee 2: Regina TEUA (TAH)
Fourth Official: Torika DELAI (FIJ)

Papua New Guinea 

Vital Statistics: An impressive 7-0 romp on Match Day 2 saw Papua New Guinea leapfrog up the table to third in the tournament standings.

The Players: Striker Nicollete Ageva more than made her mark against New Caledonia as she put the finishing touch on four goals.

Coach Quote: “I told them we have to make sure we score if we want to win.”

Papua New Guinea: 1. Faith KASIRAY (GK), 2. Natasha SAGEM, 3. Margret JOSEPH, 4. Isabella NATERA, 5. Bridget PAIME, 7. Marity SEP, 8. Alison PAULIAS, 9. Selina UNAMBA, 10. Nicollete AGEVA, 12. Belinda GIADA, 13. Ramona PADIO, 14. Leah KARO, 16. Serah TAMGOL, 17. Melisa JOFARI, 18. Jacklyn MAIYOSI, 19. Gorethy PAOFA, 20. Amatha MISTERA

Coach: Rachel Wadunah (PNG)


Vital Statistics: Tonga last met Papua New Guinea at this level in 2014, also in Auckland, where they succumbed 4-0 to the Melanesian side.

The Players: Striker Mele Kafa has shown off some impressive skills, a powerful runs through the backline can cause great trouble and she packs a strong shot too. Captain Halaunga Taholo is proving her worth as she clears up much of the danger coming through the middle of the park.

Coach Quote: “Even though the result on Friday didn’t turn out the way we expected it, it was a confidence boost for the girls and so we’re looking forward to Monday against PNG.”

Tonga: 1. Mele AKOLO (GK), 2. Fifi MOALA, 3. Michelle TUITUPOU, 4. Meleseini TUFUI, 5. Manusiu LATAVAO, 6. Siunipa TALASINGA, 7. Seini LUTU, 8. Halaunga TAHOLO, 9. Carmel UHILA, 10. Teisa FUSI, 11. Mele KAFA, 12. Ofa ATAONGO, 13. Peta FENUKITAU, 14. Patricia LIKILIKI, 15. Luseane VIVILI, 16. Katalina TALIAULI, 17. Kalolaine TALIAULI, 18. Sosefina HAVEA, 19. Alexandra FIFITA, 20. Adrienne TAHITUA (GK)

Coach: Christian KOANETI (TGA)

New Caledonia vs. New Zealand
Ngahue Reserve
Auckland, New Zealand
Monday 17 July
Kick-off: 12h30

Referee: Rani PERRY (TAH)
Assistant Referee 1: Lata KAUMATULE (TGA)
Assistant Referee 2: Wanting YAGUM (PNG)
Fourth Official: Tapaita LELENGA (TGA)

New Caledonia

Vital Statistics: The last time New Caledonia scored against an U-20 or U-19 New Zealand side was back in 2014. New Caledonia lost the match 10-1, but were the only side to score against the Kiwis at the OFC U-20 Women’s Championship that year.

The Players: Alice Wenessia is hard-working and puts in a massive effort to get back and defend, while also supporting the front line. Shaya Ihmeling is strong on attack and just needs to find ways to connect with her teammates better to become a truly lethal threat.

Coach Quote: “I need to look closer at the errors we made first, we were below average in every way on Friday.”

New Caledonia: 1. Karine XOZAME (GK), 2. Darnelle HACE, 3. Joséphine SAKILIA, 5. Sonia HNANGANYAN, 6. Isabelle ILENGO, 7. Océane FOREST, 8. Shaya IHMELING, 9. Alice WENESSIA, 10. Marie-Laure PALENE, 11. Jeanine HUMUNIE,12. Johana TAKAMATSU, 13. Ivonne XOWI, 14. Cassidy CAWA, 15. Valérie HOLUE, 16. Donatienne BALY, 17. Moïsette BROUSTET, 18. Isabelle HNAWEONGO, 19. Marie WANEUX, 20. Kathleen WAUNIE (GK)
Suspended: 4. Ami-Nata AJAPUHNYA

Coach: Kamali FITIALEATA (NCL)

New Zealand 

Vital Statistics: A record-breaking 26-0 victory marked the previous meeting between these two sides.

The Players: Midfielder Grace Jale scored three goals against New Caledonia as a 16-year-old at the 2015 edition of this tournament.

Coach Quote: “They’ll be organised and they’ll have a plan and if we don’t adhere to what we want to do – at a speed that’s quicker than they can wrap – then we’ll create troubles for ourselves. If we play well and play quickly then everything will be fine.”

New Zealand: 1. Anna LEAT (GK), 2. Saskia VOSPER, 3. Rebecca LAKE, 4. Elizabeth ANTON, 5. Sarah MORTON, 6. Grace JALE, 7. Emma MAIN, 8. Malia STEINMETZ, 9. Samantha TAWHARU, 10. Hannah BLAKE, 11. Jacqui HAND, 12. Emma CLARKE, 13. Nadia OLLA (GK), 14. Claudia BUNGE, 15. Michaela FOSTER, 16. Nicole METTAM, 17. Dayna STEVENS, 18. Alosi BLOOMFIELD, 19. Deven JACKSON, 20. Serena MURRIHY

Coach: Gareth Turnbull (NZL)

Samoa vs. Fiji
Ngahue Reserve
Auckland, New Zealand
Monday 17 July
Kick-off: 15h00

Referee: Morgan ARCHER (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1: Stephanie MINAN (PNG)
Assistant Referee 2: Nikola HOLIKA (TGA)
Fourth Official: Tapaita LELENGA (TGA)


Vital Statistics: Samoa have scored just one goal so far in this competition.

The Players: Shalom Fiso is a constant threat on attack, while Mariecamilla Ah Ki is a central cog in the defence with very little finding its way past her.

Coach Quote: “We’re going to work on our structure and in particular our defence, for the game against Fiji on Monday.”

Samoa: 1. Katarina AH SUI (GK), 2. Renee ATONIO, 3. Hunter MALAKI, 4. Epi TAFILI, 5. Mariecamilla AH KI, 6. Sonya TANUVASA, 7. Rachael TAGATAULI, 8. Liana SOIFUA, 9. Tianna SEKONA, 10. Shalom FISO, 11. Matalena FASSAVALU, 12. Talaiesea MULITALO, 13. Mole SAOFAIGA, 14. Emele PALETASALA, 15. Natiflo PEREIRA, 16. Conzuella VATU, 17. Vineta FALEAANA, 18. Jecky TOMA (GK)

Coach: Martin TAMASESE (SAM)


Vital Statistics: Fiji are currently sitting second in the standings thanks to the four goals they put past Tonga on the opening day of action. 

The Players: Cema Nassau is the only player to have scored against New Zealand in this edition so far, and the first since 2012. The goal against the Kiwis in 2014 was an own goal.

Coach Quote: “We will stick to our game plan that we have been playing and will look at the team tasks we have to work on more.”

Fiji: 1. Ateca TUWAI (GK), 2. Cecelia NAINIMA, 3. Mereoni TORA, 4. Sekola WAQANIDROLA, 5. Veniana RANADI, 6. Ledua SENISEA, 7. Koleta LIKUCULACULA, 8. Timaima VUNIYAYAWA, 9. Asenaca DIRANUVE, 10. Luisa TAMANITOAKULA, 11. Cema NASAU, 12. Silina QARAWAQA, 13. Louisa SIMMONS, 14. Miriama BAKANICEVA, 15. Maca RALAGI, 16. Aliza HUSSEIN, 17. Miliana BUREITAU, 18. Cynthia DUTT, 19. Laca TIKOSAYA, 20. Maria PARR (GK)

Coach: Saroj KUMAR (FIJ)

To view the results and full match schedule click here


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