In their clash on Wednesday, Venus went on the attack in the early stages but could not find a breakthrough as Vaiete’s defence held strong. The second half was more decisive for Vaiete who scored twice through Patrick Tepa in the 51st minute and then Benson Menarii in the 69th minute.
In other action, AS Tac and AS Tefana played out a 1-1 draw meaning Tefana missed the chance to qualify for the playoffs this week and will have to wait to see if other results go their way over the next few days. AS Tac, who will play in the second-tier play-off contest (play-ins), opened the scoring in the 48th minute through Julien Tual but Tefana hit back with a Roihau Degage strike in the 55th minute to draw level.
Meanwhile T’Faa’a thrashed Pirae 6-0 to stay in with a chance of making the play-offs. A result in their next match against Venus will be crucial.
In the top rank game, AS Manu Ura and AS Dragon shared the points with a draw 1-1. Despite the draw, Manu Ura maintain their lead in the Tahitian Championship.
Photo courtesy Franck Chevillard.