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Papua New Guinea 20. Veronica VANUA (GK), 2. Belinda GIADA, 3. Margaret JOSEPH (C), 4. Alison PAULIAS, 6. Francisca MANI, 7. Natasha SAGEM, 10. Isabella NATERA, 11. Mercedes HAPOTO, 14. Melissa JOFARI, 17. Bridgit PAIME, 18. Dorothy WAMILAT
Substitutes: 1. Faith KASIRAY (GK), 5. Robertlynn KIG, 8. Loretta YAGUM, 9. Selina UNAMBA, 12. Anna SOS, 13.Serah TAMBOL, 15. Anna MALARA, 16. Anila ROBERT, 19. Ewin NANO
Coach: Margaret Aka
Cook Islands: 20. Dora IRIPA (GK), 2. Nicole MARURAI, 6. Moeroa HARMON, 7. Geneva MILES, 8. Piri MURARE, 10. Tehinnah TATUAVA, 11. Tina AREAI, 13. Kayleena KERMODE, 14. Ngapare NOOVAO, 17. Susan WILLIAMS, 18. Daimzel RONGOKEA,
Substitutes: 1. Mata EMMANUEL (GK), 3. Issy MANA, 4. Amber MATEARIKI, 5. Lyric DAVISON, 9. Ngame TARINGA, 12. Josephine KURAIA, 15. Nathalia VIKING, 19. Ngarangi MAPU
Coach: Tuka TISAM (COK)
Match Officials:
Referee: Tapaita LELENGA (TGA)
Assistant Referee 1: Lata KAUMATULE (TGA)
Assistant Referee 2: Bernard MUTUKERA (SOL)
Fourth Official: Anna-Marie KEIGHLEY (NZL)
FULL-TIME: Papua New Guinea 2-1 Cook Islands
90’+5′ The free kick is pushed wide by VANUA
90’+5′ GIADA takes out HARMON as she moves through the middle and Cooks have one last chance to equalise
90’+4′ PNG push forward into the Cook Islands half but the hosts remain determined to keep them locked out
90’+2′ GIADA fouls MATEARIKI just inside the Cooks half and Tina AREAI boots upfield
Four minutes additional time
90′ Pressure from Cooks but the ball runs out before they can make an effective shot
89′ GIADA leading the charge forward for PNG but HARMON remains strong
88′ SUB COK: Josephine KURAIA is replaced by Issy MANA
88′ Chipped over the Cooks defence but MALARA is offside
85′ SAGEM recovers the ball for PNG and tries to move out of her half but Cook Islands are unrelenting with their pressure
83′ Cook Islands advance and manage to get off a shot but it rolls for VANUA to collect
82′ Corner whipped in for PNG is headed into the crossbar and over by HAPOTO
80′ HARMON with an excellent ball through to MATEARIKI who breaks through the defence but great covering from NATERA who slides in
78′ KURAIA takes a massive ball to the face, tries to shake it off but there’s blood and she has to come off
77′ PNG with a punt but it rolls outside the upright
76′ A chance for Cooks off the free kick as VANUA spills her catch but the home side can’t convert
76′ After getting some treatment Alison PAULIAS has returned to the field
75′ HARMON goes down in a crunching challenge and needs treatment
74′ Cook Islands counter and although she has a player on her left, KERMODE opts to play right
70′ PNG have a player down in the centre of the park and play just pauses while she receives treatment
68′ The rain is really coming down heavy now and both sides are finding it difficult to play
66′ SUB COK: Nicole MARURAI is replaced by Amber MATEARIKI
64′ IRIPA quick off her line to claim a low shot from outside the box from MALARA
62′ MILES puts out giving her side time to drop back and cover the middle
60′ GIADA puts a great ball in for MALARE, receives back and crosses but Kayleena KERMODE does enough to halt the attack
59′ Great pressure from MARURAI as again Cook Islands force PNG to put the ball out
56′ MILES wins and sends up the line for KURAIA who puts pressure on Isabella NATERA to put out
54′ KURAIA breaks 1v1 but has three defenders on the chase and can’t quite get off a shot
53′ PNG caught offside and Cook Islands have a chance to re-settle
52′ HARMON does well to cut in on MALARA and put out
50′ SUB PNG Bridgit PAIME is replaced by Anna MALARA
49′ HARMON breaks up the left for Cook Islands but has little support to make an impact
48′ Cook Islands have set up much more defensively for this half
46′ Second half gets underway with a PNG pressing well
HALF-TIME SUB COK: Daimzel RONGOKEA is replaced by Josephine KURAIA
45’+1 The ball is looped up but drops neatly for IRIPA
45′ One minute additional time
44′ GOAL!!! PNG 2-1 COK IRIPA comes off her line giving GIADA room to shoot into an empty net
43′ Over both MARUPAI and SAGEM’s heads but the defender has the legs to get the ball first
42′ WILLIAMS under pressure from GIADA pokes the ball into touch
41′ The cross comes in just over GIADA’s head and IRIPA is waiting behind her to capture
40′ GIADA cuts inside her marker and takes a punt from 25 yards out, just putting it wide of the far post
39′ GOAL!!! PNG 1-1 COK A scramble in the Cook Islands box after a corner sees Belinda GIADA slip the ball past IRIPA
37′ Pressure from MARURAI forces Papua New Guinea into an error but they recover well through Francisca MANI
34′ RONGOKEA puts out as SAGEM attempts to push forward up the left
33′ Great passing at the back from PNG as they look to move the ball forward
32′ A long range effort from PNG is easily caught by IRIPA
31′ Massive charging block from Moeroa HARMON
30′ SUB PNG TAMBOL comes on in place of Samantha MATAN
29′ Papua New Guinea look to make an early change with Serah TAMBOL waiting on the sideline
28′ Whipped clear out of danger by Cook Islands but Papua New Guinea win back to once again apply pressure
27′ Papua New Guinea win a corner and the wind could make this hard to defend
25′ MARURAI covering a lot of ground for Cook Islands but can’t keep the ball in on the left
23′ Papua New Guinea trying to find a way through Cook Islands but the hosts are holding them at bay
20′ PNG attempt to drop the ball in behind the back line but are thwarted by Kayleena KERMODE
18′ Cook Islands press numbers forward and have to turn quickly when Belinda GIADA looks to break past the defenders at the other end
18′ Piri MURARE charges up the right and again SAGEM with a timely challenge
16′ Geneva MILES throws long but Cook Islands can’t capitalise and it’s out for a goal-kick
15′ Loose pass from Margaret JOSEPH sees her hand Cook Islands a throw in at the half
14′ The corner just touches the outstretched fingertips of Dora IRIPA and it’s almost an equaliser but her back-post defender tidies up
13′ Melisaa JOFARI attempts a cross from deep in the left corner but it’s blocked for a corner by Ngapare NOOVAO
12′ Mercedes HAPOTO tries to go through the middle but she’s shut down promptly
12′ Another great challenge from SAGEM to close down a potential advance from MARURAI
10′ GOAL!!! PNG 0-1 COK Captain Susan Williams gets on the board, heading the corner delivery past Verconica VANUA
10′ PNG get a foot in at the near post and earn a follow up corner
8′ Sustained pressure from Cook Islands sees them earn a corner
6′ Good hussle from MARURAI but Natasha SAGEM does well to win back
5′ Offside from Papua New Guinea and Cook Islands only get so far into their opponents half before turning over again
4′ Nicola MARURAI breaks for Cook Islands but her pass looking for Daimzel RONGOKEA is intercepted
2′ First touches letting both sides down but it’s the first wet conditions we’ve faced here in the Cook Islands
1′ Papua New Guinea kick things off against Cook Islands

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