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Fiji: 1. Ulaiasi TAMANISAU (GK), 4. Mira SAHIB (C), 5. Shelvin CHAND, 9. Maciu TUILAU (GK), 13. Kevin SINGH
Substitutes: 2. Prashant PRASAD, 6. Roderick CHAND, 7. Mohammed SHALMEEN, 10. Dhiraj KUMAR, 11. Altaaf SAHIB
Injured: 3. Praveet SINGH, 8. Akitesh KUMAR, 12. Anish KUMAR, 14. Suraj CHAND
Coach: Intiaz KHAN (FIJ)
Solomon Islands: 1. Anthony TALO (GK), 3. Elliot RAGOMO (C), 4. George STEVENSON, 7. James EGETA, 9. Micah LEA’ALAFA
Substitutes: 2. Francis LAFAI, 5. Samuel OSIFELO, 6. Robert LAUA, 8. Jeffery BULE, 10. Jack WETNEY, 11. Coleman MAKAU, 12. Paul HUIA (GK), 13. Mathias SARU, 14. Alvin HOU
Coach: Juliano SCHMELING (BRA)
Referee 1: Antony RILEY (NZL)
Referee 2: Darius TURNER (AUS)
Third Official: Love Lui MALENARAVE (VAN)
Timekeeper: Ryan SHEPHEARD (AUS)
FULL TIME: Solomon Islands have beaten Fiji 5-0 to win the 2016 OFC Futsal Championship
0’05’ Fiji win and counter but can’t get a clear shot off
0’16’ WETNEY combines with STEVENSON but the pair can’t beat TAMANISAU
0’42’ EGETA pulled back by SHALMEEN and Fiji pick up a foul
0’59’ EGETA given free reign through the centre but TAMANISAU is up for the block
1’56’ EGETA with the intercept but Kevin SINGH put out
2’23’ Poor clearance from Fiji and Solomons attack but the cross goes begging
2’39’ LEA’ALAFA tries to go on his own but his shot skims off target
3’16’ TALO is injured and Paul HUIA comes on in his place
3’16’ YELLOW CARD SOL Anthony TALO is cautioned for his challenge on TUILAU
3’57’ WETNEY playing for the crowd now but the shot is blocked
5’07’ GOAL!!! FIJ 0-5 SOL It’s 2v2 as WETNEY plays across to Robert LAUA to finish
5’54’ TAMANISAU picks out M. SAHIB up front but OSIFELO gets a head to it to put out
6’27’ R. CHAND tries to flash a shot in but sends it across the face and out the other side of the field
7’20’ Foul called on TALO but Fiji don’t capitalise on the free kick
8’04’ Roderick CHAND wins in the middle but fires over the goal
8’53’ LAFAI receives in the corner but can’t find a way through the Fiji side
9’10’ Fiji call a time out
9’30’ Swift counter from Fiji and Shelvin CHAND is in front of goal but misfires his shot wide
10’14’ EGETA fires wide hoping to pick out LAFAI but it’s just a little ahead of the 2
10’51’ LAFAI aims with his left, or doesn’t as it goes out in the corner rather than at goal
11’26’ Alvin HOU attempts to shoot from a tight angle but can’t quite make it count
11’45’ Into the stands from PRASAD
12’19’ Great block from TAMANISAU as BULE bashes the ball at goal
12’50’ Fiji scrambling and make two goal line clearances before they put the ball out
14’03’ A. SAHIB picks the run from TUILAU but EGETA puts a foot out to send to touch
14’26’ EGETA goes solo around the arc before unleashing wide
15’36’ James EGETA has a go but can only rattle the woodwork when he hits the top left corner
15’49’ TUILAU has a go and TALO is forced to palm the powerful effort away for a corner
16’16’ A. SAHIB leaves this one but it’s fired over into the crowd by his teammate
16’20’ TALO holds on too long and it’s a free kick right on the top of the arc for Fiji
16’21’ A. SAHIB sees SHALMEEN racing forward and makes the pass, but the shot is wide
16’56’ A shot from LEA’ALAFA hits M. SAHIB front on and the captain presses forward
17’31’ LEA’ALAFA’s pass runs in front of Samuel OSIFELO
18’56’ Great save from TAMANISAU to clear under pressure
19’25” Solomon Islands dominating but the eventual shot is wide
20’00’ Back underway with second half action
HALF-TIME: Fiji 0-4 Solomon Islands
0’16’ LEA’ALAFA attempts to back flick the ball into the net but just lifts his foot too high
1’07’ Fiji manage to put the ball out as Solomons counter at pace
2’47’ TAMANISAU makes a great save and Fiji have the ball
3’31’ GOAL!!! FIJ 0-4 SOL Robert LAUA makes it four for Solomon Islands
3’48’ Fiji were on the advance but miscommunication near the line passes the ball back to Solomon Islands
4’03’ Fiji call a time out
4’25’ Altaaf SAHIB with good hustle defending RAGOMO who goes down clutching his ankle
5’46’ STEVENSON goes 1v1 but stumbles over the ball and TAMANISAU has time to catch
6’24’ Mohammed SHALMEEN gets a toe to the shot from MAKAU
7’08’ STEVENSON receives and plays middle to RAGOMO who blasts over
7’11’ TAMANISAU makes a great save but follows it up with a silly foul on Jeffery BULE
7’26’ TUILAU with the job of marking RAGOMO
7’55’ Solomon Islands are on five fouls
8’40’ WETNEY attempts to loop the ball over TAMANISAU who has dropped to block but the keeper stretches to capture
9’28’ Another foul from Solomon Islands and it’s Dhiraj KUMAR who takes but slams it into his opponent
9’40’ Fiji win the ball and press forward, Francis LAFAI with a foul and it’s a Fiji free kick in the corner
11’42’ GOAL!!! FIJ 0-3 SOL TALO plays to Coleman MAKAU who turns his marker and beats TAMANISAU
11’53’ WETNEY wins a corner for Solomons and they’ve gone back to TALO
12’50’ Fiji win the ball and Prashant PRASAD presses forward but Fiji are clearly taking a defensive approach as he has little support
13’24’ GOAL!! FIJ 0-2 SOL Jack WETNEY puts a cross from STEVENSON away
14’05’ TAMANISAU comes off the line to block the shot from STEVENSON who drives low but in front of both posts
14’49’ GOAL!!! FIJ 0-1 SOL No missing this time as Elliot RAGOMO fires under TAMANISAU
15’16’ Fantastic one-two between Elliot RAGOMO and Jack WETNEY, the shot comes from the captain but it’s around the goal
16’26’ An error from TUILAU but he works hard to make up for it
16’43’ TUILAU breaks up the centre and is brought down by LEA’ALAFA
17’06’ Long ball for George STEVENSON but Fiji have time to scramble back and defend
17’24’ Great block from Maciu TUILAU as LEA’ALAFA eyes up the goal
17’43’ Long ball captured and released by TALO
18’08’ Mira SAHIB looks for options and plays upfield but it’s LEA’ALAFA who chests down and goes for goal
18’31’ James EGETA flicks the ball at goal and it’s smothered by Ulalasi TAMANISAU
19’05’ Solomon Islands on attack with Micah LEA’ALAFA leading the charge
19’37’ First shot of the evening and it’s Shelvin CHAND of Fiji forcing Anthony TALO to push over the goal
20’00 Fiji get their final match here at Vodafone Arena underway against Solomon Islands

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