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American Samoa: 1. John UGAITAFA (GK), 2. Joseph CHOI, 3. Tala AUVA’A, 4. Walter PATI, 5. Mahonri LOTULELEI, 8. Chris FA’AMOANA, 9. Joe PURCELL, 10. Steven FISO, 11. Gabriel TAUMUA (c), 12. Takai POULI, 14. Masila SIUA, 18. Eliott LELEI
Substitutes: 6. Bryman LEVAULA, 7. Milo TIATIA, 13. Michael SETTLE, 15. Roy LEDOUX, 16. Jerome PALEPUA, 17. Vaha TUA, 19. Misipele MUSU, 23. Pesa TAUGAVAU (GK)
Coach: Frederick MAIAVA (ASA)
Cook Islands: 1. Manaariki PIERRE (GK), 2. Sean IONA, 4. William NAPA, 5. Grafton POTORU (c), 6. Andrew HERMAN, 7. Geosah GEORGE, 10. Conroy TIPUTOA, 12. Teokotai TUPUNA, 13. Willynn KARIKA, 15. Kimiora NGAMETUA, 17. Daryl AREAI
Substitutes: 3. Avi ENOKA, 8. Parau ELLIS, 9. Toru MATEARIKI, 11. Lee HARMON, 14. Teporoa HENRY, 16. Roimata KARIKA, 20. Finlay MUNRO (GK)
Coach: Richard ANDERSON (ENG)
Match Officials
Referee: Robinson BANGA (VAN)
Assistant Referee 1: Mahit CHILIA (VAN)
Assistant Referee 2: Gareth SHEEHAN (NZL)
Fourth Official: Amos ANIO (PNG)
FULL-TIME: American Samoa 1-3 Cook Islands
90’+3′ A bit of a kurfuffle deep in the American Samoa half as Cook Islands are awarded a free kick
90’+2′ GOAL!!! American Samoa 1-3 Cook Islands Kimiora NGAMETUA goes solo, slotting below UGAITAFA
90’+1′ HENRY puts through for TIPUTOA but he puts a hint too much angle on it and the keeper claims
Three minutes additional time
90′ NAPA still going strong, puts in a big tackle to slow the advance from American Samoa
88′ Offside from American Samoa and POTORU sends it upfield
86′ The referee stops play after Mahonri LOTILELEI goes down, but we’re back underway
85′ Corner from TAUMUA is headed just over the cross bar by CHOI
84′ PIERRE does well to clear a bouncing pass back from HARMON
83′ YELLOW CARD Captain Grafton POTORU is cautioned for a challenge on PURCELL
81′ Cook Islands make an advance but their opponent is straight back at them
79′ American Samoa upping the pressure and Cooks just struggling a little to get their positioning right
77′ LEVULA straight into the action but he mis-hits his shot allowing PIERRE to claim
76′ SUB ASA Chris FAAMOANA is replaced by Bryman LEVAULA
73′ American Samoa do very well to play themselves out of danger but HENRY is working hard to try and win back
72′ Cook Islands get the ball in front of goal but they can’t capitalise
70′ TIPUTOA and ELLIS work hard to create something up the left and eventually win a free kick
69′ Loose passing from Cook Islands sees American Samoa manage to get the ball all the way to PIERRE
68′ FISO with a flying effort but PIERRE has the goal mouth covered
66′ Flying limbs as the two sides try to bring the ball under control
65′ SUB COK The injured IONA makes room for Teporoa HENRY
63′ Long ball over the defence bounces neatly for UGAITAFA
61′ YELLOW CARD Parau ELLIS is cautioned for a big challenge on Joseph CHOI
60′ Play getting back underway as IONA continues treatment offield
58′ Sean IONA turns his knee in a challenge and goes down needing treatment
57′ Loose long range effort from Parau ELLIS goes away from goal
56′ Could easily have been the wrong decision from UGAITAFA as he comes well out of the box and misses the ball – but TAUMUA tidies
54′ SUB ASA Masila SIUA makes room for Misi MUSU
53′ Claims of a handball in the box go unheard by the match officials as TIPUTOA applies pressure in the box
52′ Well taken kick by NAPA who finds TIPUTOA but the flag goes up
52′ In behind in the challenge from Milo TIATIA earns a free kick for Cook Islands
51′ One of the poorer free kick efforts from TAUMUA as he lacks pace
50′ PURCELL a one-man band at the moment, popping up all over the field to win possession
49′ AREAI tops through the legs for TIPUTOA to chase but Walter PATI slides in to clear
48′ PURCELL works American Samoa out of their own half but both midfields are basically defenders right now leaving a big gap in the middle
46′ American Samoa get things underway and PIERRE is called into action to clear a loose shot
HALF-TIME SUB COK: Geosah GEORGE is replaced by Parau ELLIS and Teokaotai TUPUNA off for Lee HARMON
HALF-TIME: American Samoa 1-2 Cook Islands
One minute additional time
45′ The Cook Islands midfield goes missing and their opponents take advantage but FAAMOANA’s shot lacks power
44′ It’s getting a bit pinball machine out there as the two sides look to be counting down to the break
43′ NGAMETUA turns his marker and shoots but he doesn’t look up and hits it well off-target
42′ TIPUTOA makes a break up the right and manages to win a corner for his side
40′ Free kick for Cook Islands who have more players behind the ball than in front of it
39′ Great hussle from GEORGE to win possession after giving it away
37′ NGAMETUA is pushed off the ball and Cooks have a free kick
37′ PURCELL moves the ball with determination through the middle before laying it inside but Steven FISO hasn’t read the move right
36′ Offside from FAAMOANA who has been doing some good work up the right wing for American Samoa
35′ SUB ASA Eliott LELEI is replaced by Milo TIATIA
33′ A foul on SIUA sees a free kick for American Samoa just inside their opponent’s half
32′ Cook Islands under pressure as American Samoa heap the pressure on
30′ GOAL!! American Samoa 1-2 Cook Islands Takai POULI puts a brilliant finish past PIERRE on some great build-up play from American Samoa
28′ Free kick is looped over the backline for Cook Islands but the keeper brings it down easily
26′ GOAL!! American Samoa 0-2 Cook Islands Conroy TIPUTOA powers a header past a diving UGAITAFA off the corner from NAPA
25′ TIPUTOA tries to help the ball in with a turning volley but UGAITAFA pushes around the post
24′ POULI with some excellent footwork to beat three players but the fourth is just one too many
23′ American Samoa push forward but the flag has gone up
21′ GOAL!!! American Samoa 0-1 Cook Islands Conroy TIPUTOA opens the scoring with a neat finish past UGAITAFA as he capitalises on the poor execution of a goal kick
20′ The hard work is done up the right by AREAI who plays in for NAPA who slices his shot wide
19′ Some worrying moments at the back for Cook Islands as they fling some swing and misses at the ball and put PIERRE under pressure
18′ TAUMUA with some strong movement at the back to put Chris FAAMOANA free up the right
16′ A quick counter attack and Daryl AREAI gets a shot off but it’s easily captured by UGAITAFA
15′ Takai POULI powers through the centre and gets off a shot but PIERRE manages to slap wide
14′ Tidy back-heel turn from NGAMETUA but TAUMUA has it covered
12′ TAUMUA’s keeps his free kick low as he goes around the wall but a deflection slows it and PIERRE takes with ease
11′ SIUA not offside this time as he collects and travels but not enough power behind his strike makes it an easy take for PIERRE
10′ Manaariki PIERRE comes out of his area to make a great block under plenty of pressure
9′ Grafton POTORU whips in the corner but it’s claimed by UGAITAFA
8′ Flag goes up on SIUA much to the relief of the Cook Islands defence
7′ A little too much from Kimiora NGAMETUA as he tries to weave past three attackers and out of the final third
6′ Great passing game on display from Cook Islands, Conroy TIPUTOA tries to hold the ball up on the half while wiating on support but Gabriel TAUMUA muscles him off
5′ NAPA puts out as American Samoa start a strong attack up the right4′ Great play from Geosah GEORGE who starts a decent passage for Cook Islands on attack
3′ John UGAITAFA sends long upfield and it’s come nicely to Joe PURCELL who sends Masila SIUA up the left
2′ Good turn from William NAPA but there’s a foul as he moves through the middle and he wins a free kick
1′ Cook Islands get us underway on Match Day 2

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