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New Zealand: 1. Anna LEAT (GK), 2. Claudia BUNGE, 4. Ally TOAILOA, 5. Michaela FOSTER, 6. Nicole METTAM, 7. Hannah BLAKE, 8. Malia STEINMETZ, 9. Samantha TAWHARU, 11. Jacqueline HAND, 14. Rebecca LAKE, 19. Margaret JENKINS
Substitutes: 12. Nadia OLLA (GK), 3. Amber PHILLIPS, 10. Sarah KRYSTMAN, 13. Kate WILLIAMS, 15. Francesca GRANGE, 16. Alosi BLOOMFIELD, 17. Emma MAIN, 18. Gabrielle JILLINGS
Coach: Gareth TURNBULL (NZL)
Papua New Guinea: 1. Faith KASIRAY (GK), 2. Belinda GIADA, 3. Margaret JOSEPH, 4. Alison PAULIAS, 5. Robertlynn KIG, 6. Francisca MANI, 7. Natasha SAGEM, 9. Selina UNAMBA, 10. Isabella NATERA, 11. Mercedes HAPOTO, 13.Serah TAMBOL, 15. Anna MALARA
Substitutes: 20. Veronica VANUA (GK), 8. Loretta YAGUM, 12. Anna SOS, 14. Melissa JOFARI, 16. Anila ROBERT, 17. Bridgit PAIME, 18. Samantha MATAN, 19. Ewin NANO
Coach: Margaret AKA (PNG)
Match Officials:
Referee: Avereii JACQUES (TAH)
Assistant Referee 1: Bernard MUTUKERA (SOL)
Assistant Referee 2: Jeffrey SOLODIA (SOL)
Fourth Official: Robinson BANGA (VAN)
FULL TIME: New Zealand beat Papua New Guinea 8-0 and take out the 2016 OFC U-17 Women’s Championship
90+1′ GOAL!!! BLAKE adds another with a well-timed run
90+1′ Three minutes of additional time
88′ GOAL!!! 7-0 NZLvPNG Michaela FOSTER finishes on the tight angle after being played in behind the line
86′ The ball is in the back of the net for NZ, but they are called back for offside
85′ Some tired bodies out there now as PNG push forward for a consolation goal
82′ SUB NZL: Amber Phillips on for Ally TOAILOA
79′ Papua New Guinea turn away the New Zealand attack and have a goal kick
76′ New Zealand have the PNG defence beaten, but up comes the offside flag
74′ SUB PNG: Alison PAULIAS on and Mercedes HAPOTO off
73′ Papua New Guinea under plenty of pressure here, but keep turning New Zealand away for the time being
71′ SUB NZL: Sarah KRYSTMAN on and Nicole METTAM off
67′ New Zealand create a shot with some good build-up play, but it’s well off target
64′ PNG force a save out of LEAT, but New Zealand recover and work the ball out
62′ GOAL!!! 6-0 NZLvPNG TAWHARU taps in unopposed at the back post
60′ KASIRAY jumps up to take a floating New Zealand cross
59′ SUB PNG: Selina UNAMBA out and Loretta YAGUM in
56′ SUB NZL: Alosi BLOOMFIELD on for Maggie JENKINS
55′ KASIRAY sweeps off her line to clean up a New Zealand long ball
53′ GOAL!!! 5-0 NZLvPNG HAND in again after racing past her marker and guiding the ball past the keeper
51′ GOAL!!! 4-0 NZLvPNG HAND spins and booms the shot into the goal
50′ Close call for PNG there, but the clear the shot off the line
48′ Papua New Guinea free kick is cleaned up by Ally TOAILOA
47′ GOAL!!! 3-0 NZLvPNG BLAKE laces the ball into the back of the net from a tight angle
46′ We are back underway with New Zealand leading Papua New Guinea 2-0
HALF TIME: New Zealand lead Papua New Guinea 2-0
45′ No additional time required
45′ Great save from KASIRAY hits the ball away from goal and out for a corner
44′ New Zealand given a free kick just outside the box after BLAKE is taken down
42′ Good chance for BLAKE, but she heads too high and Papua New Guinea have a goal kick
41′ Good take from JOSEPH at the back, but it’s out for a New Zealand corner
39′ Samantha TAWHARU blasts her shot up over the bar from just inside the box
38′ KIG bangs a free kick in but LEAT is up to claim for New Zealand
36′ New Zealand with all the ball but Papua New Guinea continue to chase hard
34′ GOAL!!! 2-0 NZLvPNG HAND cuts back inside and finishes with precision
33′ BLAKE bends a shot from outside the box, and it’s only inches away from being a goal
32′ HAND chips over the top. PNG goal kick
31′ BLAKE gets in behind but is called back for offside
29′ New Zealand have a corner now and continue to build pressure
26′ GOAL!!! 1-0 NZLvPNG Hannah BLAKE gets on the end of a cross and nets
26′ Timely block from Isabella NATERA at the back after a shot from HAND
24′ Papua New Guinea survive a long period of defending and now work the ball out
24′ Back-to-back corners here for New Zealand
23′ New Zealand drive a free kick in, but Selina UNAMBA heads out for PNG
22′ Malia STEINMETZ hammers a shot from range, but it’s just to the right of the goal
22′ Great take from KASIRAY steals the cross out of the air
20′ New Zealand holding play up in the left corner of their attacking half
18′ New Zealand corner goes straight across the face but misses everyone
18′ KASIRAY up high to punch an incoming shot out for a corner
17′ New Zealand over-cook the through ball and PNG have a goal kick
15′ Great save from Faith KASIRAY for PNG, diving at the feet of the attacker
14′ Good block on a cross from JOSEPH and PNG work it out from the back
12′ Papua New Guinea doing well to smother the New Zealand attack so far
10′ New Zealand whip a corner in, but it misses their approaching attack
8′ PNG break the line, but LEAT is out to collect
7′ New Zealand repel the free kick and restart play with a goal kick
6′ Free kick Papua New Guinea from 30 yards
5′ Good cleareance at the back from Rebecca LAKE beats the chasing Belinda GIADA
5′ Papua New Guinea starting to find their way into the game
3′ Great tackle from Margaret JOSEPH shuts down a New Zealand attack
2′ All New Zealand through the opening exchanges
1′ Early mistake from PNG gives New Zealand a chance, but the ball rolls out for a corner
1′ We are underway between New Zealand and Papua New Guinea

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