Lupe Ole Soaga 3-4 Madang

Madang FC in action agaisnt Central Sport. Image: Alain Vartane

Papua New Guinea’s Madang FC had to to fight back to beat Lupe Ole Soaga 4-3 in their Group A encounter this evening at Stade Numa Daly. will be bringing you live text updates of this match, please refresh your browser for the latest.

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Lupe Ole Soaga: 18.Jack Kemp GK, 2. Vaalii FAALOGO, 3. Spencer KELI, 4. Vaa TAUALAI, , 6. Darren ALATINA TALILAI, 7. Lawrie LETUTUSA, 8. Samuel MALO, 9. Suivai ATAGA, 10. Lapalapa TONI,   16. Cherbel KHOUCHABA, 19. Bird VAGAIA,
Substitutes:  1. Faalavelave MATAGI (GK),5. L,12. Suepasi PELESA,13. John TEO,15. Faafua ATAGA LALOATA,  17. Kareti SOAFA,11. Tim HUNT,14. Michael FIFI’I, 20. Reasat ISLAM

Coach: Paul UALESI [SAM]

Madang FC: 1. Glen AGAT (GK), 3. Nigel MALAGIAN,  5. Langarap SAMOL, 6. Samuel KINI, 7. Maximillion SENGUM, 8. Solomon MAPAI, 9. Patrick AISA,   13. Hanson TOPIO,  15. Vincent WAROI, 16. Papalau AWELE, 18. Stahl GUBAG
Substitite: 20. Kusuga KOMOLONG (GK),23. Leehan MANASEH (GK),4. Don ANGONGI, 10. Eliuda POHEI,11. Vanya MALAGIAN,12. Darren STEVEN,14. Michael TOLE, 19. Steven INIA,21. Maskulan PULUNG.
Suspended: 17. Jacob SABUA

Coach: Francis MOYAP [PNG]


90’+5 Free kick to Madang

90’+3 Cherbel KHOUCHABA takes the free kick and it goes over the cross bar

90’+2″ Lupe gets a free-kick just outside the penalty box.

90′ Six minutes additional time added

88′ Madang gets a free kick in their own territory and is taken by Nigel MALAGIAN which is cleared by Lupe defense

85′ GOAL!!! LUPE OLE SOAGA 3-4 MADANG | Samuel KINI puts Madang into the lead.

84′ SUB LUPE | Samuel MALO is replaced by Suepasi PELESA

82′ GOAL!!! LUPE OLE SOAGA 3-3 MADANG FC | Michael TOLE finds the equaliser

81′ SUB MDG | Patrick AISA is replaced by  Vanya MALAGIAN

80′ Stahl GUBAG walks into the penalty box but is blocked by the defense and his shots reflects him for a goal kick


77′ YELLOW CARD LUP | Suivai ATAGA is cautioned for a challenge on Patrick AISA

75′ Vaa TAUALAI goes in again after treatment

74′ Madang are hungry for the equaliser but Lupe defense are just doing on their toes’

72′ Vaa TAUALAI is stretchered off the field

71′ SUBS  MDG | Steven INIA goes into the field in replacement of Maximillion SENGUM while Vaa TAUALAI is down injured

67′ Michael TOLE misses a golden opportunity just few meters away from goalkeeper Kemp after his kick has no power in it

66′ GOAL!!! Lupe Ole Soaga 3-2 Madang FC | Lapalapa TONI finishes is well after receiving a cross from amuel MALO

64′ Patrick AISA takes a deep shot just from outside the 18 yard and Kemp punches it away

63′ The match continues with free kick to Lupe but Madang wins and moves forward.

62′ Lawrie LETUTUSA is down injured and taken out for treatment

61′ SUB  MDG | Solomon MAPAI is replaced by Michael TOLE

56′ GOAL!!! Lupe Ole Soaga 2-2 Madang FC Cherbel KHOUCHABA takes the spot kick and beautifully sends AGAT on the wrong side

55′ YELLOW CARD | Maximillion SENGUM is cautioned

54′ Penalty | Lupe gets a spot kick after a foul  in the penalty box 

52′ Suivai ATAGA walks inside the penalty box but his shot hits a Madang defense and gets a corner

50′ Madang is trying to build from the midfield but their effort is denied by stubborn Lupe defense

49′ Samuel KINI beats Lupe defense and give a through pass to Papalau AWELE but he fails to control and is cleared by Vaalii FAALOGO

47′  Madang keeps possession

46′ Lupe’s Lapalapa TONI kicks start the second half

HALF-TIME | Lupe Ole Soaga 1-2 Madang FC

45′ A minimum of 2 minutes additional time

45′ Lupe gets  a corner kick and is taken by Cherbel KHOUCHABA and a Madang  player wins it

44′ A freekick to Lupe just outside their penalty box

41′ Hanson TOPIO takes  a power full shot just from inside the box which is blocked by Kemp

38′ Kemp takes the gaol kick but Madang wins it again

37′ Cherbel KHOUCHABA takes a free kick from the 30yard but his shot is headed away by Nigel MALAGIAN

36′ Samuel KINI walks into the penalty box but is blocked by  Vaalii FAALOGO

35′ A corner kick to Madang but cleared by Bird VAGAIA

33′  A mistake by Lupe defense saw Solomon MAPAI taking a shot at goal but he missed the opportunity after his shot went over the cross bar

31′ The match resumes with a goal kick from Madang


29′ SUBS  LUP | Darren ALATINA TALILAI is replaced by Vito LALOATA

26′ Madang is now playing in the LUpe half looking for more goals but Lupe defender just clear the ball

25′ Samuel KINI tries to beat two Lupe players but the ball goes out of play

22′ Steven INIA takes a shot at goal but there was no power in it easily collected by KEMP

20′  A nice through pass from Cherbel KHOUCHABA but Darren ALATINA TALILAI was too slow to the ball as AGAT clears it

19′ A free kick to Lupe in their own territory

18′ LUpe gets  a throw just near the 18 yard but was cleared by the defense

15′ Madang keeps possession moving forward towards the Lupe goal area but the defense is just covering well to deny the shots at goal

12′ GOAL!!! Lupe Ole Soaga 1-2 Madang | Stahl GUBAG doubles Madang’s advantage after receiving a well timed pass from Papalau AWELE

10′ Madang keeps pressure on Lupe defense

9′ Another freekick to Madang and Samuel KINI long drive sails over the cross bar

8′ Freekick to Madang after a foul on Langarap SAMOL

7′ Darren ALATINA TALILAI takes a kick at goal but nicely take by AGAT

5′ GOAL !!! Lupe Ole Soaga 1-1 Madang | Patrick AISA equalises for his side

3′ GOAL!!! Lupe Ole Soaga 1-0 Madang|  Cherbel KHOUCHABA fires up a powerful shot just from outside the 18 yard pass goalkeeper Glen AGAT

2′ Lupe  Cherbel KHOUCHABA caught in offside position

1’Madang kicks start the match at Stade Numa Daly

Match Officials
Referee: Hamilton SAU [SOL]
Assistant Referee 1: Glen LOCHRIE [NZL]
Assistant Referee 2: Jeffrey SOLODIA [SOL]
Fourth Official: Campbell-Kirk WAUGH [NZL]

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