Solomon Islands fans are eager to welcome the latest World Cup Qualifier. Credit: OFC via Phototek

Solomon Islands have held off Papua New Guinea to secure a 3-2 victory in this World Cup Qualifier match

Solomon Islands: 1. Phillip MANGO (GK), 2. Joachim WAROI, 3. Robert LAUA, 4. Nelson SALE, 5. Haddis AENGARI, 6. Jeffery BULE, 7. Jerry DONGA, 9. Benjamin TOTORI (C), 10. Micah LEA’ALAFA, 11. Gagame FENI, 17. Atkin KAUA
Substitutes: 8. Timothy BAKALE, 12. Zantas KABINI (GK), 13. Emmanuel POILA, 14. Thomas AMASIA, 15. John AETA, 16. Molea TIGI, 18. Obed OFEA, 19. Mathias IANI, 20. James NAKA, 21. Richard HIROMANA, 23. Richard RARAMO
Suspended: Henry FA’ARODO


Papua New Guinea: 23. Ronald WARISAN (GK), 2. Abel REDENUT, 4. Alwin KOMOLONG, 5. Felix KOMOLONG, 6. Patrick AISA, 7. Raymond GUNEMBA, 8. Michael FOSTER (C), 10. David BROWNE, 14. Emmanuel SIMON, 17. Jacob SABUA, 19. Clement WILLIS
Substitutes: 3. Richard ALOIS, 13. Roland BALA, 15. Phillip STEVEN, 16. Orbert BIKA, 21. Ila DAVID (GK), 22. Donavan MURRAY
Suspended:  Nigel DABINYABA

Coach: Flemming SERRITSLEV (DEN)

90’+4′ An unmarked BIKA fires in a cross shot that’s just in front of the post

90’+3′ LEA’ALAFA has gone down injured and it’s possible the humidity is starting to catch up on these players

90’+1′ NAKA and Obed OFEA combine on the left before NAKA switches wide for DONGA but his first touch is poor

90′ A minimum of four minutes additional time

90′ DONGA beats WILLIS and fires but hits it directly at WARISAN

89′ A. KOMOLONG opts to go himself but he’s give away possession

87′ GUNEMBA’s corner ball is met by F.KOMOLONG at the back post who attempts to head in but is just wide

84′ Emmanuel SIMON lifts the ball over the wall for F. KOMOLONG and MANGO does well to tip the ball over the crossbar

84′ Free kick for PNG inside the Solomon Islands half

82′ SUB PNG | Patrick AISA is replaced by Donovan MURRAY

81′ AISA has gone down with an injury as AENGARI returns to the field after treatment

80′ A touch from NAKA puts the ball around F.KOMOLONG and LEA’ALAFA gives chase as does WARISAN with the keeper just getting in first

79′ Haddis AENGARI comes across to put the ball out but may have over extended

77′ SUB PNG | David BROWNE is replaced by Obert BIKA


74′ GOAL!! SOL 3-2 PNG | Micah LEA’ALAFA gets on the end of a wonderful pass from NAKA, rounds WARISAN and scores

70′ SUB SOL | Jeffery BULE makes room for Timothy BAKALE

67′ SUB SOL | Captain Benji TOTORI is replaced by James NAKA

67′ Solomons trying to find a way past the KOMOLONG duo but no luck just yet

65′ SUB SOL | Obed OFEA comes in for an injured Gagame FENI

64′ TOTORI again offside and PNG are off in search of a third

60′ GOAL!! SOL 2-2 PNG | GUNEMBA and AISA go 2v1 with MANGO, the former lays it around the keeper for AISA who slots it into an empty net

58′ MANGO receiving treatment after injuring himself in that clearance

57′ BROWNE curls in an excellent shot at the top cornerthat’s denied only by a flying punch from MANGO

56′ David BROWNE brings the ball forward and it takes a Haddis AENGARI challenge to deny

54′ LEA’ALAFA puts DONGA through but A.KOMOLONG slides in winning cleanly

53′ The shot richochets off the frame and Solomon Islands are able to break but the flag goes up on TOTORI

50′ FENI shoots from a tight angle, A.KOMOLONG heads away TOTORI attempts a volley but sends it over

49′ Patrick AISA is denied as MANGO smothers his shot

48′ GOAL!!! SOL 2-1 PNG | Michael FOSTER manages to find the ball with a mass of players in the box and scores 

46′ The second half gets underway with a Solomon Islands kick-off


45’+2′ FOSTER receives up the left and has GUNEMBA, BROWNE and AISA waiting in the box but sends his cross behind the goal

45’+1′ LEA’ALAFA pops off a shot but A.KOMOLONG blocks it with his body

45′ A minimum of three minutes additional time

44′ BROWNE in possession and once again tries to one-two with FOSTER but the return ball is just off

42′ David BROWNE brings the ball through the middle and does a neat one-two with FOSTER

40′ PNG try to pull one back as they put the ball over the defence for GUNEMBA but he’s offside

35′ GOAL!!! SOL 2-0 PNG | DONGA receives and dribbles to the goal line before whacking in a cross that’s met with perfect precision by captain TOTORI who places it past WARISAN

35′ SALE builds up and DONGA wants it

34′ Solomon Islands on attack, the ball comes to FENI but Felix KOMOLONG cuts in

33′ A.KOMOLONG can’t keep the ball in play and Solomon Islands play back to go forward but REDENUT is in with a tackle


30′ Rapid counter attack from KAUA as the PNG free kick is cleared, REDENUT and AISA do well to close down on the left

28′ Quality from PNG when they’re taking the short passes, but the long ball is letting them down right now

27′ A.KOMOLONG gets back to defend but fouls TOTORI in the process

27′ Far post float from the corner is headed at the target by A.KOMOLONG but he is off-target

26′ GUNEMBA turns his defender but SALE is waiting to get a foot in and it’s a corner

24′ MANGO captures the corner and plays out short

23′ Great period of passing from PNG as they look for space but SALE stops the through ball

21′ Free kick curled at the near post by LEA’ALAFA but WARISAN punches away

20′ Pressure from GUNEMBA on AENGARI earns a free kick for Solomon Islands

19′ Corner flies in and it’s a cross bar denial twice before WARISAN claims but he takes it out for a second corner

18′ Crucial clearance from Clement WILLIS to shut down an advancing DONGA

17′ GUNEMBA tries to play Patrick AISA on goal but it’s read well by MANGO who dives at his feet

14′ Phillip MANGO to the edge of the box as GUNEMBA bears down, he slaps at it but needs the clearance from Nelson SALE to avoid a goal

12′ GOAL!! SOL 1-0 PNG | Jerry DONGA does the build-up work up the right, the first effort from TOTORI is stopped but Atkin KAUA is there to drive it low past WARISAN

10′ Benji TOTORI caught by the offside trap

9′ Ronald WARISAN has to come off his line to make a save as Gagame FENI comes into the box

8′ Jerry DONGA plays in a beautiful ball that comes bouncing off the cross bar to deny him the opener

7′ Challenge from behind by Nelson SALE on PNG captain Michael FOSTER sees PNG lining up a free kick just off the box

6′ Haddis AENGARI receives the ball and plays out from the left

5′ Felix KOMOLONG with a safe passing clearance

4′ Calls of a foul from David BROWNE who goes down a little easily in the box but the referee has waved it away

3′ Benji TOTORI plays wide to Micah LEA’ALAFA who tries to ut in a cross but can’t quite manage it

1′ Underway at Lawson Tama

Match Officials
Referee: Jared GILLETT (AUS)
Assistant Referee 1: Matthew CREAM (AUS)
Assistant Referee 2: Anton SHCHETININ (AUS)
Fourth Official: Shaun EVANS (AUS)

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