Following his re-election as Papua New Guinea Football Association (PNGFA) President last month, John Kapi Natto has outlined some of the key objectives to focus on during his four-year term.

Kapi Natto, who was re-elected unopposed at the PNGFA’s 16th Congress, said good governance with transparent financial accountability was something the newly-elected Executive Committee was keen to see for the betterment of football in the country.

“We have a team now that is made up of very experienced people and I think we will carry on forward from where we were,” he said.

“We have pillars in our strategic plan to grow the game, build infrastructure, and enhance all of our competitions from the grassroots to our elite sports.”

Kapi Natto said the PNGFA would look to deliver brand new projects, and would seek to professionalise the administration and management of football both nationally and in the regions, while promoting the growth of the game through education and grassroots programmes.

At the elite level, the PNGFA President said he wanted a targeted focus on the development of players, coaches, referees and administrators to help improve the management of the country’s national teams.

“We want the remaining nine provinces to become members of PNGFA so that everybody can play football.

“Those plans are already there, and now we need to take that plan forward.

“I cannot do it alone, and will need support from the newly elected Vice Presidents and the executives to take on the vision that I stated today to move football forward throughout every region of this country.”