New Caledonia 7 – 0 American Samoa

See below for all the play-by-play action.The starting line-ups were as follows:New Caledonia: 1. Beatrice TOLUAFE (GK), 2. Glenda JAINE, 3. Marie WANAKAIJA, 4. Claire KAEMO, 5. Marielle HAOCAS, 6….

Tonga 4 – 1 Fiji is pleased to bring you live updates of this match – please refresh your browser regularly to keep up with all the action. Starting line-ups:Tonga:19. Lupe LIKILIKI (GK), 2….

Hosts set the women’s pace

But it was a draw that started the action in the morning when Cook Islands, bronze medalists at the OFC Women’s Nations Cup last September, and Guam fought out an…

Tahiti 2 – 0 Solomon Islands

See below for all the play-by-play action.Starting line-ups:Tahiti: 1. Poroni TURANA (GK), 2. Mariko IZAL, 3. Maruina TOM SING VEIN, 4. Vaimiti IOANE, 5. Angela TAIARUI, 7. Tihani TOKORAGI, 8….

Men hold Solomon Islands to 4-0 win

“Going into the locker room down 4-0 we had to infuse some energy back into our team,” said technical advisor Larry Mana’o. “We made a few adjustments by moving some…

Hosts continue to impress

The hosts continued their hugely impressive start to the tournament with a 9-0 humbling of non-OFC member Guam while the Fiji players also found their goalscoring boots in triumphing 9-0…

American Samoa 0 – 4 Solomon Islands

See below for all the play-by-play action.The starting line-ups were as follows:American Samoa: 1. Nicky SALAPU, 2. Terrence SINAPATI, 5. Tala LUVU, 6. Natia NATIA, 7. D’Angelo HERRERA, 9. Junior…

Fiji 9 – 0 Kiribati

See below the play-by-play action.Starting line-ups:Fiji: 1. Benaminio MATEINAQARA (GK), 2. Avinesh SWAMY, 4. Seveci ROKOTAKALA, 6. Jone VESIKULA, 8. Alvin SINGH, 9. Malakai TIWA, 11. Roy KRISHNA (C), 12….

Guam 0 – 9 New Caledonia

The starting line-ups were as follows:Guam: 1. Brett MALUWELMENG (GK), 3. Matthew CRUZ, 4. Scott LEON GUERRERO, 5. Edward CALVO, 6. Shawn SPINDEL, 7. Ian MARIANO, 9. Elias MERFALEN, 12….