Tahiti 5 – 1 Vanuatu

See below for the play-by-play action.
The starting line-ups were as follows:
Tahiti: 1. Poroni TURANA (GK), 2. Mariko IZAL, 3. Maruina TOM SING VEIN, 5. Angela TAIARUI, 8. Vaitiare PITO, 10. Mohea HAUATA (c), 11. Heimiri ALVAREZ, 12. Tiare WHITE, 13. Sandrine TEAUNA, 14. Tiere APO, 18. Clara MARAHITI
Vanuatu: 17. Haia TAIWIA (GK), 2. Leisale SOLOMON, 5. Sileye SAINA, 6. Jeanine ALATOA, 8. Stephanie TOUGEN, 9. Joella AVOCK, 10. Elodie SAMUEL (c), 11. Serah THOMPSON, 12. Thelma KALPUKAI, 15. Evensta ARU, 16. Melanie MANSALE
The match kicks off
1′ Conditions are not ideal today with surface water covering most of the pitch
2′ Vanuatu goalkeeper Haia Taiwia has to charge out of her area to clear a Tahiti through ball
3′ The surface water is making play difficult but both sides are trying to keep the ball on the floor and play
5′ The opening minutes have been an even contest with no chances created so far
6′ Tahiti captain Mohea Hauata surprisingly has a strike at goal from a free kick near half way but it poses no problems for Taiwia
7′ Heimiri Alvarez shoots wide from the right hand side of the field
8′ Taiwia again has to act as a sweeper to stamp out a Tahiti attack
9′ Taiwia lets an Alvarez strike slip under her but Vanuatu manage to scramble the ball clear
10′ Tiare White is caught offside for Tahiti
11′ Taiwia once again has to leave her line but gets into trouble this time and Tahiti had a great opportunity to score but Hauata can’t provide the finish
12′ Now it’s the turn of Tahiti goalkeeper Poroni Turana to come out of her area to clear a Vanuatu through ball
14′ Hauata tries another long range attempt, from open play this time, but it does well wide
14′ GOAL!!! Tahiti 1, Vanuatu 0: Heimiri Alvarez finishes well with a firm shot into the bottom corner after determined play from Tiare White creates the chance
17′ Serah Thompson gets on the end of a through ball for Vanuatu but shoots straight at Turana from the right hand edge of the box
19′ GOAL!!! Vanuatu 1, Tahiti 1: Vanuatu equalise when Stephanie Tougen hits the post after a one on one with Turana but gets to the rebound for a simple tap in
21′ GOAL!!! Tahiti 2, Vanuatu 1: The scores do not remain level for long as Alvarez grabs her second, sweeping the ball into an empty net after Taiwia and her defence are caught out
22′ Tahiti nearly make it three but Tiere Apo chips the ball wide after the Vanuatu defence is again stretched
23′ Hauata hits another trademark long-range effort wide for Tahiti
25′ It’s end to end action as the game continues it’s frantic pace, surprising really given the conditions
27′ Joella Avock thinks she is in on goal for Vanuatu but the offside flag is raised
30′ Apo breaks down the right for Tahiti but Vanuatu deal well with her cross
31′ Hauata gets into a good position outside the box on the left but her shot is again off target
34′ Hauata shoots at goal from a free kick on the left but can’t get enough power to beat Taiwia
37′ Tiare White is caught offside for Tahiti
38′ The play is held up while Hauata is treated for an injury. She has been in the wars so far, it’s the second time she has gone down after a heavy challenge
39′ Tahiti are down to ten players at he moment while Hauata receives tretment off the field
40′ YELLOW CARD: Sandrine Teauna is cautioned after making a dangerous tackle on the slippery surface
41′ Hauata comes back on just before Vanuatu take their free kick after the card. The cross is spilled by Turana but she gathers at the second attempt
43′ Vanuatu are enjoying a spell of pressure as they try to equalise before the break
44′ A foul by Vanuatu relieves the pressure and Tahiti can now break forward again from the free kick
45′ Some of the surface water has dried up but there is still plenty of it about and both sets of players are struggling to keep their feet
45′ Two minutes of injury time will be added
45′ + 1′ The play is held up while Tahiti’s Vaitiare Pito receives treatment for an injury
The referee brings the first half to an end
The second half kicks off
46′ Vanuatu go straight onto the attack as they look to get back into the game
48′ Sandrine Teauna shoots for Tahiti from just outside the box but slips as she hits it and doesn’t make a clean enough connection to beat Taiwia
50′ Vanuatu’s Evensta Aru is carried off on a stretcher, it looks like her afternoon might be over
51′ YELLOW CARD: Sileye Saina is cautioned for Vanuatu
53′ Aru still appears to be in some discomfort but manages to make it back onto the field
56′ The second half has begun in even fashion
57′ Hauata shoots low along the ground from the edge of the box but Taiwia makes a smart save
59′ Both sides make a change as Tihani Tokoragi replaces Pito for Tahiti and Sylvia Vatoko comes on for Thelma Kalpukai for Vanuatu
62′ Tahiti are spending plenty of time in Vanuatu’s half with Hauata continuing to look dangerous
64′ SUBSTITUTION: Teauna is replaced by Tania Keuvahana for Tahiti
66′ SUBSTITUTION: Avock is replaced by Phina Angelo for Vanuatu
70′ Taiwia races out of her area to snuff out a Tahiti attack
72′ Vanuatu press forward to try and get the equaliser but captain Elodie Samuel is caught offside
74′ This match could still go either way but neither side has carved out a clear cut chance for a while
77′ Angelo has a shot from outside the area for Vanuatu but it is esily dealt with by Turana
78′ SUBSTITUTION: Apo is replaced by Nicole Bouges for Tahiti
81′ GOAL!!! Tahiti 3, Vanuatu 1: Tiare White makes it three with a good finish after a break away
82′ GOAL!!! Tahiti 4, Vanuatu 1: Tahiti go further ahead when Alvarez squares for Tokoragi to slides the ball into an open goal
83′ GOAL!!! Tahiti 5, Vanuatu 1: Alvarez completes her hat-trick when she breaks down the left and rolls the ball under Taiwai from the edge of the box
85′ SUBSTITUTION Tougen is replaced by Janice Alatoa for Vanuatu
87′ Vanuatu have been left shell-shocked by this Tahiti goal blitz and now have no way back into the game
90′ Two minutes of injury time will be played
The final whistle sounds
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